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Lynnwood/Everett area first time moms?

Hey I am due in July with my first and looking to meet other first time moms in the area.

Re: Lynnwood/Everett area first time moms?

  • rmj28rmj28 member
    We live in Marysville, first due December 1st. :)
  • MilkaaaMilkaaa member
    Congrats! Do you know what you're having yet?
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  • rmj28rmj28 member
    We don't, but I'm dying to know! We have genetic testing in a couple weeks, so we will find out that way. I can't wait!

    I work in Bellevue.. I'm on the road a lot, so I'm in Lynnwood/Everett every day.. Well, twice a day. Haha. Do you know what you're having?
  • MilkaaaMilkaaa member
    Yes! I'm having a girl. I was dying to know too so I drove all the way to Tacoma for an early gender screening when I was 16 weeks and my doctor confirmed its a girl on my 20 week ultrasound. Do you feel like it's a boy or a girl? I hear a lot of moms just know what they're having.
    I was convinced I'm having a boy though and was wrong!
  • rmj28rmj28 member
    I'm convinced it's a boy. I call him Ducky because the first u/s upside down looks EXACTLY like a rubber ducky. We are going on vacation the end of next month so we will break the gender to our families then, but I want to shop!
    There's a place in Bellevue that does.elective ultrasounds and "in utero photography". I considered it but you need a note from your doctor essentially saying you're okay to get it, so I didn't look into it too much.
    What hospital are you using? Being up here, we go to Cascade. :)

  • MilkaaaMilkaaa member
    Keep me posted on the gender I'm curious now! Prenatal universe needed a note from my doc too. I just called my doc and he faxed it in.
    I'm using the mothers and children's pavilion in Everett.
  • MilkaaaMilkaaa member
    Oh and about the shopping I know how you feel. I started the day I found out I'm having a girl. Got almost everything ready and set. When I registered for my baby shower, I had almost nothing left to register for and my 2 friends who plan the party were kinda mad at me lol. So I'm not allowed to shop anymore until my baby shower
  • rmj28rmj28 member
    I'm thinking about switching to the same place and it's very, very close to my husbands office. I went to providence when I had a miscarriage in January and had a poor experience, so I'm hesitant.

    We are going on vacation at the end of next month to see our families, and I'm so worried they'll buy stuff I'll have to ship or fly back that I'm putting registries together already to avoid it.

    We should grab coffee sometime!
  • MilkaaaMilkaaa member
    edited May 2015
    Sorry about your miscarriage and the bad experience you had there. I'm happy there so far and I've heard good things about providence.

    And we should grab coffee sometime!
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