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would you ever wear Spanx during the first trimester?

I have always had a very flat tummy and never worn anything like Spanx. But I'll be about 12 weeks at my sisters wedding across the country and my fam will def know if they see a bloated belly. I am only there and want to tell them that weekend but I know it's sisters weekend and I should wait til I'm back home and just call them.
Should I wear something to hold in the 12 week bloat??

Re: Spanx

  • I did a couple of weeks ago  - I was 8 weeks or so. I think it's fine unless you feel really uncomfortable. 
  • I actually bought maternity spanx off Amazon and I love them! They are comfy and hold everything together. Before pregnancy I wore spanx regularly, especially with dresses and skirts.
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    Yeaassss thank you ladies! Hah I was feeling weird about wanting to squish the belly away but now I'm going for it.

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    I've never worn the super tight suck everything in Spanx but I have some of the light support ones and they make wearing dresses and skirts so much more comfortable. I am going to be in a wedding next week and fully intend on wearing mine! They just help you feel like everything is lookin good :-)

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  • so it's safe to wear spanx during the first trimester?
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