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Issues with drinking water

At my baby's 6 month check-up, his pediatrician recommended that my baby drinks water from a sippy cup after every meal.
So I tried exactly what she said but my baby only chewed on the sippy cup nipple and made a weird face. So I assumed that he didn't drink water from the sippy cup because he did not know how to drink from it. Over the next few days I finally taught him to drink from the sippy cup by giving his breastmilk through it. I then tried giving him water in the sippy cup again but he keeps rejecting it. I know its not advised, but I tried giving him water with his usual bottle just to see what would happen. From what I observed, he will drink a few more sips of water (compared to the sippy cup) until he realizes it is water. So what I want to know is how can I get my baby to drink water and actually like it? Since he has started solids, his stools are less frequent (every other day) and harder.

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  • Water is NOT critical right now and it will take time for your LO to get used to it and to actually like it. Don't stress this and don't give it in a bottle.
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    Water is not recommend by WHO and I am surprised your pediatrician recommended it.  Water is not recommended in large quantities until age 1.  Too much water at a young age can cause brain swelling.  If you want your LO to learn to use a sippy cup you can always put breast milk in the cup.  Your LO will tell you when they are ready to use a cup. 

    Good luck Mama!
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  • Like evryone else here said - I am surprised someon has recommended drinking water after meal time...It's not healthy for any age - based on what I have read. So looks like your babe is pretty smart!
  • My DD loves loves loves water. She'll drink all she can get. At first she didnt realize how the sippy cup worked. I took out the little spill preventer in the lid so the water would pour into her mouth and she would realize it was there and that sucking on it helped get the water out. I dont stress about giving her lots of water or anything. I just give it to her during meals usually and at random times through the day. I try to put myself in her place and I know I like washing my food down with a drink of water through my meal so I figure she does too. Plus either more water or less solids will probably help with the hard poops. She is almost nine months though so we are phasing in more food and water slowly so she gets accustomed to eating.
  • Our LO doesn't do much water and has a difficult time drinking from a sippy cup but we believe it is because the water is "thinner" than the milk so he gets more all at once. We only give him around 2oz a day total in water as I agree that your LO shouldn't have a lot of water but if they're dehydrated, a little bit wont likely do damage if they're getting the recommended nutrients. 
  • Water is NOT critical right now and it will take time for your LO to get used to it and to actually like it. Don't stress this and don't give it in a bottle.

    Yup. Let him sip as he likes.

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