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Hi Ladies. I tried posting on the Allergy board, but didn't get any response. My son is 4mo and is EBF. He has reflux and eczema (both pretty bad). I'm new to all of this bc my DD never had any issues eating or skin related. I've had 3 dr's and a specialist (Derm) tell me it is NOT dietary related, however I did cut out most dairy when he was 1mo bc he had really bad gas and that did help. We are to the Dr constantly for either the reflux or the eczema. He had really bad cradle cap that was oozing, it has since cleared/dried up, but he still scratches at his head SOO bad he bleeds. We have tried everything. For the reflux we had him on Zantac, Prevacid, Pepcid and now he's on Prilosec...the pepcid seemed to help the most. For his skin, we have tried aquaphor, Cerave, Cetaphil, Gold Bond Eczema and he screams bloody murder for all of them. The only thing that he doesn't scream with is Aveeno or Vaseline Eczema cream. He has steroid ointment we are weaning and a medicated shampoo for his cradle cap. I am at a loss. I just don't know what else to do. So we decided to get him allergy tested on Friday. Just wondering if anyone on here can give me any info to prepare me. Has anyone taken their child that has reflux and eczema and NOT had any allergies? I am pretty much bracing myself for the worst. I have read up on how the testing is done, I guess I'm just looking for personal stories about the results and how you dealt with them. I just want my poor baby boy to feel better. 

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  • I am so sorry for your little one! I hope he gets relief soon. While I can't relate, I can tell you are a very good mother.

  • DD2 Also had some testing done when she was 9. When she was a baby she had horrible skin irritation. And possibly undiagnosed reflux. Seems reflux wasn't huge 13 yrs ago. But she had asthma and also allergic to most trees, pollutants and grass. (I think the asthma came from having pneumonia and RSV when she was 18mths)

    Her skin has gotten better after age 2. But still has problem areas flare up every now and then. She also has really bad dandruff which I believeis from the cradle cap. Her cc never oozed but it was thick and cakey.
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  • I will note that my daughter was never breastfed. She had to be put on Soy formula to help with what we believe was reflux and gas.
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  • I'm so sorry you have to go through this! I have twins that are almost 5 now, but we struggled with severe eczema with our daughter pretty much her entire first year. It was awful! Both my twins were exclusively bottle fed. One had awful eczema and the other had perfectly clear skin! After a dozen trips to the dermatologist and pediatrician...we switched formulas and started to reintroduce foods. We did a blood test for food allergies, and that was what finally gave us some answers! It turned out my daughter has a severe peanut allergy and was reacting to me eating it!! I did not breastfeed, but just eating it near her, kissing her after I ate a sandwich, was enough to trigger her flare ups. Once we went peanut free, her skin cleared up! Through the testing we learned she also has several other allergies, and we are actually grateful we found out the way we did. Her reaction had she actually eaten the foods could have been life threatening and we wouldn't have been prepared! Good luck with the test. I hope you get some answers and can start to get your baby's skin to heal. You might want to look for a product called Hydrolatum. It is like vaseline but creamier and not as greasy. It was very soothing for her skin, and helped her heal quicker. Good luck!
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