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Any other moms on blood thinners?All this talk in the thread about inductions has me second guessing. I am on lovenox and will be switched to heparin at the end of third tri. My doctor has already told me I will be induced because they want to make sure the heparin is out of my system when I give birth. They also don't want me going much past my due date due to increased risk of blood clots. Now I'm second guessing being induced (I was already nervous about it). Does anybody have experience with this? Just wondering what others have been told who are on blood thinners.

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  • I'm also on lovenox and will switch to heparin at 36 weeks. After reviewing both options with my ob and perinatologist, and risks of both, I'm opting for a scheduled csection on the first day of my 39th week.

    I know they don't want you to to past 38 weeks on blood thinners as the placenta can start to deteriorate. You're also at higher risk for clots at the end.

    About 40% of inductions end in emergency csections, which is the toughest to go through and recovery from as you essentially went through both types of birth.

    So I'm more comfortable knowing it's a csection going in. I know exactly when I'll deliver, will be a calm controlled environment, and they can monitor blood levels and get me right back in lovenox immediately after. I also know I will definitely have my ob there for the birth which is important to me, and I can meet with the anesthesiologist beforehand (important as I have scoliosis).

    My only real fear is that I go into labor before switching to heparin, which is know isn't likely, but could happen. Then I think I'm stuck with only a natural vaginal delivery if baby won't wait until the thinners are out of my system...

    Talk to you Dr about your concerns and you can decide what is right for you. You just want that baby out before it becomes potentially unsafe for them inside at 39 wks. Good luck.
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  • ambercdcambercdc member
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    "Natural" meaning med free

    Those of us who don't have the luxury of "letting nature take it's course" due to medical reasons, just need to make the best decision for us and our situation.
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  • I am on lovenox and was last time
    They were going to induce a week early instead she came 11 days early on her own
  • mrsb30mrsb30 member
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    Thanks for the response. I didn't realize blood thinners can make the placenta deteriorate. I know she talked about risks of blood clots if I go overdue, which confused me because I'm on the blood thinners and don't have a clotting disorder. I'm on them because I had a PE due to birth control a few years ago. She didn't talk about being induced early. I'll ask more questions when I go back.
  • My water broke about 5 weeks early with my first, and I ended up in labor for about 34 hours. So dr wanted the Lovenox and baby aspirin completely out of my system before any major activity started. I wasn't allowed to get out the the hospital bed or anything. Before this happened my dr said something about inducing me, and he said he's going to see where I am this time at 37 weeks on how early he will be inducing me this time around or if he will just be taking me off Lovenox and baby aspirin.

    I don't have to switch to heparin though. As I only need to be on blood thinners while pregnant for a gene mutation called MTHFR.
  • I don't think anyone in the induction thread was trying to scare anyone out of an induction that is medically necessary or the best option due to medical issues. I'm against inductions for funsies to make the birth more convenient for mom. A doctor recommending an induction for your particular situation is a totally different story. Not the the induction doesn't still have risks, it does, but you have to weigh out the risks vs benefits for you and your babies situation. Talk to your dr about your concerns and what your options are. GL with your decision.
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    My little girl is 2 yo now, and I had to do that same thing. Scheduling an induction felt really weird and scary because I felt like I was taking things into my own hands instead of just having a baby like 'everyone else.' It went fine for me though. The heparin gives ya more bruising, but on the plus side you don't have to be on that for tooooo long compared to the rest of the time being on blood thinners. I had an induction, no bleeding issues, and everything went well. It's just hard being on blood thinners. Doing the same this with my second now. 6w1d. God bless ya and hope all goes well! 
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