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What Starbucks Drinks do you drink while pregnant?

I am a huge Starbucks Chai Tea Latte drinker! HUGE! After finding out that I was pregnant, I've basically cut it out even though it's lower than the 200 mg caffeine (I'm trying to also convince the DH that maybe I can have it once a month....just a small one).

I've been going with getting a Vanilla Steamer/Hazelnut Steamer since it's just milk.  Since summer is coming up and the hot drinks aren't going to be good enough in the summer, what cold drinks from Starbucks have you had while pregnant that are considered "safe"? I've heard not to drink the Passion Tea since it contains Hibiscus, but I was wondering if there are any cold drinks that I can have with minimal to no caffeine.

I recently tried last week - Peach Green Tea Shaken Lemonade (tall), which was good. But then I was reading somewhere that the green tea may be bad?


Re: What Starbucks Drinks do you drink while pregnant?

  • mtinmiamtinmia member
    I've downgraded my usual grande red eye (Uber caffeine addict here!) to a tall soy chai 1-2 times a week when my nausea isn't too bad. Getting a steamer is a great idea though!

    Green tea still has a little caffeine in it, but less than coffee or black tea. I think it's safe if you're comfortable with the small amount of caffeine.
  • The problem with green tea is that it inhibits folic acid absorption, so just don't take it at the same time as your prenatal. The Starbucks around here just came out with some smoothie options, haven't tried them yet but they look good.
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  • i still get my iced grande caramel macchiato latte or iced soy latte. I only drink it once a day and my doctor totally okeyed it. 
  • I stick to one caffeinated drink a day. I usually get a black iced tea, unsweetened. But sometimes go for a frap, for a treat. The caramel ribbon crunch is so yummy!!!
  • I drink the passion fruit iced tea...so good and no caffeine.
  • LeighPALeighPA member
    Same one I drink when not pregnant, toffee nut latte.

  • They have their blended drinks that don't actually have any coffee in them. Their blended vanilla frap is basically your steamer but in cold form. They also have a few other ones as well. I'm fairly certain any of their new ones (the smores, etc) can also be made without actual shots of espresso/coffee.

    However, when I'm pregnant and want Starbucks I just go decaf. I really like the taste of coffee and I know that decaf still has a touch of caffeine in it but I'm willing to do that for my coffee fix :) I'm also trying to stay away from caffeine almost entirely (even though we're allowed up to 200mg) but sometimes a girl just needs her coffee.
  • SeleynaSeleyna member
    Chai latte with soy. I probably get one about once a week, maybe twice if I'm feeling froggy. I get a venti iced because I keep the cup and use it to drink water for a while. With a cup that big (and a straw), I tend to stay hydrated better. I also did this with my son last year and he was fine. I used to drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, so this is still a downgrade.
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  • There are several frappecinos without caffeine (strawberry is amazing!). You can also get them made with skim milk for fewer calories.

    Speaking of Starbucks- does anyone else have the problem of people taking their drinks?! This happens to me all the time! One time a woman was furious with the barista that her husband's drink came out a few minutes after hers....until I pointed out she had actually taken mine. Thank god for pregnancy hormones, now I just yell "THAT'S MINE!" And shove people out of the way when my drink is up, lol.
  • I just got so many Starbucks gift cards for teacher appreciation week :| guess I'll be buying a lot of croissants!
  • OhashfoOhashfo member
    Green tea lemonade!
  • You can order any drink at Starbucks decaf if that helps! I'm a caramel macchiato girl so that iced or a caramel frap are my go-to's when it's hot out!
  • I still drink my Venti Chai, 6 pumps, whole milk, no water, same as before getting pregnant.
  • Mine is same as before to: iced grande mocha. It's has 173 mg of caffeine. My doc is concerned about all the caffeine at once instead of being spread out. BUT I kinda sip on my drink so I'm not concerned (got one on my way into work @ 8:15a...still about 3/4" left in the cup)
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  • I really enjoy the passion tango iced tea, but I have been wanting to try that s'mores frapp so bad!!
  • kmac103kmac103 member
    I went from my venti soy vanilla latte 4 days a week to Frappuccinos lol

    Strawberries and creme is amazing and so is the vanilla bean. I get no whip because I feel like it's that much less processed sugar so it's making it a little better for baby haha oh and the organic soy milk helps the nutritional value as well.. Right??

    I tend to validate unhealthy/bad things so I don't feel guilty when I get them!

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  • OhashfoOhashfo member
    @kmac103 I do the same thing! I've been struggling lately with "eating right" bc I've been so sick and one of the few things I CAN eat is McDonalds!! It's killing me to know how unhealthy it is, I never ate it before pregnancy. But I'm right there with you with nixing certain things to feel a little better about what I eat. Ice cream is milk... Right? Haha
  • I drink a tall decaf latte with 1 pump of syrup - either hazelnut or their classic syrup :)

  • Just like with my first pregnancy, I can't stand the smell or thought of coffee with this one :(  I imagine I will save some $$ though.   I haven't even looked at my keurig in a month.  However, yesterday I needed some caffeine on the way to church so I stopped at starbucks and got the strawberry lemonade refresher (the can).  Although it has more sugar than I like, it was cold, carbonated and tasted good.  My MS has caused me to not consume a lot of calories anyway, so the added sugar didn't bother me.
  • The last couple of days I have ordered a venti decaf iced vanilla latte. Delish.

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  • Vanilla bean frappuccino or decaf Carmel frappuccino!
  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/the-complete-guide-to-starbucks-caffeine

    In case anyone wants to look up how much caffeine is actually in their favorite drink! I splurge for a latte once a week or so and don't feel too bad about it knowing there's only about 75mg caffeine in a tall!
  • kmac103kmac103 member
    @Ohashfo Ice cream is totally milk! My husband and I eat almost exclusively organic but since I found out I am pregnant I've been eating anything someone mentions. I am still eating organic eggs and yogurt and meat but baby tells me "forget organic: get fast food" and I am totally listening!! I can't deprive the little one of what they want!!

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  • I'm not really a coffee drinker, but once maybe twice a week I'll get a tall iced chai. Now that they have their caramel ribbon crunch frapps back, I've gotten that.
    Now they have their minis, even better! I never drink a whole tall and feel so wasteful.
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  • I've been loving my grande decaf iced vanilla americano with cream...I know... It's a mouthful but it's so refreshing.
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  • I drank passion tea like 3 times a week with my last pregnancy... Good to know I shouldn't lol!
  • I am freaking out because I've been drinking venti passion iced teas. I had no idea hibiscus is a no no. Reading ssinnwell's comment is a lil comforting but I am not going to be able to sleep tonight
  • I love passion tea lemonades too!!
    Totally had NO IDEA it wasn't good for pregnancy!!
  • I've done a light mocha decaf frap with no whip! Still really good!
  • Good to know about the passion fruit tea! Had no idea. 
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  • I LOVE coffee. Usual Starbucks addict. I'm 8wks 4days and this baby doesn't like coffee. I get so sick every time I drink it. Hot or cold. Regular or decaf. Not too happy about that
  • If you like frapps, you can do them without the caffeine. But a green tea latte with soy is my go to. I usually have one once a week if the nausea isn't killing me lol
  • Went today and ordered a peach passion iced tea. I wanted an iced peach tea but was told the both the green and black tea have a significant amount of caffeine. Was pleasantly surprised with the peach passion iced tea :) I will definitely order it again!
  • Vanilla bean frappacino with 2 pumps of raspberry for a grande
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