Super painful urination still, after two weeks post cesarean.

I am almost two weeks postpartum with my first c-section. Ever since the surgery, urination has been a very painful event!!! At first, I thought it was just from the surgery itself, but as of yesterday I started having severe burning when I urinate on top of the pain pushing to go. Anyone else have this problem? Was it a bladder infection, UTI, or just pain from the surgery?

Re: Super painful urination still, after two weeks post cesarean.

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    I've had 2 c-sections and don't recall any pain with urination, especially a couple of weeks out.  I'd get checked for a UTI/infection ASAP.  Call your doctor!
  • I had that the first week or so and then it went away on its own. I'm no doc but two weeks sounds a little lengthy to be so miserable!
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  • I had this & they checked me for a UTI at my two week incision check. The UA came up clear. I didn't have a lot of burning (just slight), but the pain of trying to empty once I had most of the urine out was sometimes pretty bad. It felt like severe pressure or gas once my bladder was mostly empty. The PA said your bladder almost has to retrain itself since there is no longer the pressure of the baby. It made sense to me. Anyways, I'm 3 weeks out & it has improved, but I sometimes still have the pain.
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