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Help please!

I have a two year old that I did disposable diapers with, and am wanting to do cloth diapers with our next one(due 01/2016). What are the best brands, and any other advise anyone has on cloth diapering would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Re: Help please!

  • I use Best Bottoms. They're an All-in-Two system. Very easy for me & trim.
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  • There are so many options!
    I like flats and covers because it's very inexpensive, but has the steepest learning curve. All in ones are as simple as a disposable, but cost the most. Pockets are my least favorite because you need to stuff the insert.
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  • McRadMcRad member
    @Everycol0r Yes! Same here! I love those and wouldn't recommend any other.
  • Check out ObbsandLala on YouTube. She'll teach you everything you need to know.
  • shantyraeshantyrae member
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    I agree with the PP... YouTube videos taught me everything and helped make my decision in what brands to go with. We sre going with All in one's - bum genius free time and charlie banana brands. They're expensive but close to disposable and grow with baby.
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