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My DH is possibly interviewing for a job in Cleveland. So while I decide if it's something we want to pursue maybe someone can give me some information. My DH will be working near the airport. What are so neighborhoods worth looking at. Our housing budget would be $200,000-$300,000. Would that get us a decent home, preferably 4 bedrooms and approx. 3,000 sq? We live in Houston where housing is really cheap. Do you like living there? We have a 10 month old DD. Any other things we should know?

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  • My family and I moved here from Erie, PA two years ago and it's been great. Cleveland has a really low COL as well- in your budget you'll be able to find tons. I live about 25 minutes south of the airport and homes in my neighborhood in Sagamore Hills are similar to what you're looking for- 4 bed, 2-3 bath, larger square footage. Our home is 2800q ft, 4bed 3 bath, fully finished basement on a about half an acre and we bought it for $247K. I wish I could give you other neighborhoods to look in, but I don't know the communities closer to the airport. 
    We like our area very much- there is a lot to do here and everything is really drivable. The highways are easy to get to and navigate. Most of the people are really friendly and there are lots of community Facebook groups to help find Drs, hospitals, etc.
    Best wishes for your husband during the interview process!
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    We live near the airport. You'll find that the cost of living is pretty low in Cleveland, as well. If you're looking near the airport, and are OK with older homes, check Middleburgh Heights, Strongsville, Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Olmsted Falls, Rocky River, or Westlake. If you're looking for newer homes, you can look in Olmsted Falls, or Avon Lake.

    There are a couple of smaller new home divisions being built in Fairview (I think the waiting list is full) and North Olmsted.

    You can definitely get a 4 bedroom home for that price range. 3,000 sq feet is doable at that price, but you'll find a lot of them are more like 2500.
  • I just moved to Bay Village (right near Cleveland) from Sugar Land this past week! The houses here are more expensive per sq. ft., but this area kind of reminds me of the heights, but with a lake 1.5 miles from our front door. I have a 2.5 yr old and 9 month old and love it so far.
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  • We just built a home in Olmsted Falls and love it! I honestly think Olmsted Falls or Township will be your best bet for proximity to the airport and size of home/budget. The west side communities are amazing but the older homes just don't come that big for the price.
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