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4 year old discipline

DS is 4 now & his behavior is just too much too handle most days. I'm trying to be consistent but finding that hard as nothing usually works. Time outs spanking knees, you name it I tried. He just throws a tantrum and if we are in public it's so so so so much worse. I'm really struggling in this discipline and behavior thing. I can never do anything nice for him bc he acts so bad. Example: I spent about 100.00 taking him to Disney on ice where for the first 20 mins he was into it then he was trying to run around, sit on floor, get on the aisle behind us, it was a mess. Any advice is appreciated.

Oh and hey mommys! Happy mothers day weekend. Haven't been on this app since DS was born lol think I had another name then but cannot remember it to save my life haha
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