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Adoption waiting time in PERU

Hi y'all, is there anyone who has adopted in PERU recently and can tell me what the current waiting time is (roughly, I know it depends on a number of factors, but just in your experience)....

1. Between submitting one's dossier to the Peruvian authorities and being declared ELIGIBLE TO ADOPT by Peru, and

1. Between being declared ELIGIBLE and receiving a match?

Many thanks!!

Re: Adoption waiting time in PERU

  • perumomperumom member
    We are currently clarifying some info on our dossier before Peruvian authorities declares us eligible so I can only help you up to that point :-).  So we submitted our dossier in early February and we just heard 2 weeks ago about some observations/clarifications needed.  Our agency says this is common and as soon as we answer they will approve. So it took roughly 3 months from submission.  Between eligibility and match depends on a few things, if you are open to children from the waiting angels list (disabilities, sibling groups, older children) then the wait could be significantly shorter than healthy young children.  That one seems to be 8months to 1.5 years apparently.  Hope I helped!  Good Luck!!

  • We have adopted in Peru last year. However we lived in Peru, so it was a local process as opposed to an international adoption. Based on our experience the authorities are relatively efficient and do not delay that much. For us the longest process was to get all the documents and various check ready, but once all was ready and prepared, I think that we waited something like 2-3 months before we received our answer.

    In terms of match, I cannot say for sure, but know that there are a couple of factors. They do have a waiting list and you advance through that list as time goes. Aside from that there is also a matching process in which they try to match the child with a suitable family, that shares personality etc. So because there is the matching process as well the waiting list is not cast in stone.
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