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Is it yeast?

So about a month ago I noticed these tiny white dots in the diaper area of my twins girls. Thinking it may be yeast I took them to the doctor and he said that their groin creases were a little red and looked yeasty but he didn't say anything about the dots.
We have been using nystatin and I have been bleaching their diapers and doing extra rinses. Also our water is really hot I ran a thermometer under the water and it got to 140. I would think that between all I have been doing we would be able to kick it. I'm starting to think the white dots are unrelated to the yeast, and we no longer have yeast because they aren't rashy.
Any suggestions I have had them in sposies for the a couple days to see if that makes a difference, but if the yeast is still in their diapers I'm afraid to put them back in them.
PS: I use prefolds and covers, if that matters.

Re: Is it yeast?

  • Bleach should kill the yeast on the diapers. Have you also bleached wash cloths and towels? If not, they could cause reinfection.
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  • You should use grapefruit seed extract & tea tree oil to kill yeast.
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