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Pregnancy Brain?!?

Anyone else experiencing pregnancy brain yet? I forget to do tasks at work, can't articulate words and have trouble remembering basic things! It's probably the exhaustion (I used to get a lot of sleep pre-pregnancy!) but it's irritating!

Anyone else or am I just crazy?!?

Re: Pregnancy Brain?!?

  • Not just you! I will be talking about something, get distracted or be cut off for a second and then all of a sudden, can't remember what I was talking about! Super annoying!!!!
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  • I got into bed last night and couldn't remember if I had just taken my prenatal or not. Could. Not. Remember. If I had taken it, it would have been less than two minutes earlier.
  • I can ask my husband something and then ask him again a little later only to be told I already asked that not too long ago. Or I will get up to do something and can't remember for thr life of me what I was about to go do.
  • I just made a big mistake at work and I want to cry about it. No one has found out and there is a good chance they won't before I can fix it, but I am horribly embarrassed about it. 

  • Yes! I'm a music teacher and I'll tell my kids to begin at a wrong measure all the time. Thank goodness they correct me and know what they're doing!
  • Ceb2015Ceb2015 member

    I just made a big mistake at work and I want to cry about it. No one has found out and there is a good chance they won't before I can fix it, but I am horribly embarrassed about it. 

    I had to go into work at 7:30 this morning because I made a massive error yesterday afternoon and just realized it when I woke up! Luckily I was able to fix it but it was bad!

    I hope you have the same luck!
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    @ceb2015 Thank you for that and I am glad yours worked out. I think mine is not going to be a huge deal, but I am more worried about making the same mistake or a worse one again!   :(

    ETA: I also found a pair of scissors in the fridge the other day. I know how they got there and it kind of makes sense, but yikes.

  • It's been in full force lately. My kids stayed the night at my moms the other night and my son had t-ball practice and I left him with my baseball glove. He's 5! I walk into rooms and forget why. Completely forgot about my 1 year olds doctors appointment yesterday. Ugh.... I know there's more but I can't think of it right now..,
  • It's not just you. I leave my cell phone everywhere. The other day I spent a half hour looking for it and finally found it in the pantry. Also at work I forget simple names of things. Can't even tell you how many times I have said "you know what I'm talking about.... the thing who's name escapes me." It's so embarassing and just a matter of time before they catch on to the fact that these are not blonde moments I'm having.
  • kel82 said:

    I got into the shower the other day and something just didn't feel right and when I looked down I realised it was because I'd left my bra on! X

    That made me laugh out loud, thank you. I'm 100% sure the same thing is going to happen to me in the near future and I will let you know when it does.

  • modanz1modanz1 member
    I forgot my husband's birthday was today. I feel like the worst person in America right now...

  • I left my cell phone in the freezer, why I out it in there in the first place? No one knows ha, now my hubby keeps calling me ice box. I'm a server as well, if u don't write everything EXACTLY people just won't get their food. And I'm not showing yet so I just look like a horrible server lol.
  • I went to taco bell to order my husband's lunch. I always get Dr pepper to drink but he likes mtn dew. So I ordered a Dr pooper, that's right my brain somehow combined the two into Dr pooper! The guy taking my order got a good laugh.
  • I turned the wrong way down a one-way street, & hit a parked car while pulling into a parking spot. I swear I'm usually a really good driver... o.O
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  • Pregmentia... The struggle is real.

    every time I go to the grocery store, I forget the one thing I walked in to buy and I end up with 10 things that caught my eye instead
  • we have assigned parking at work and I couldn't find my car the other day. I had to call my boyfriend to come help me look.... We live 20 minutes away.
  • urby87urby87 member
    My brother-in-law and husband both work at their family business, and I had dropped by to have lunch with my husband the other day.  My brother-in-law's wife stopped in to have lunch with him, too, and she greeted me as I was walking out to my car.  Instead of returning her greeting, I made a brief comment on what they were having for lunch (it was actually what I wanted that day, but I opted for something quicker).  It didn't even occur to me until I was on my way back home to get changed for work that I hadn't properly acknowledged her. 8-}
  • I keep referring to my boss as Lisa even though her name is Karen. Every single time, I have no idea why I keep doing it.
  • Baby brain has peaked a fair few times! I never knew it was a real thing but the doozys i have blurted has proved it is haha
  • Hahaha. These stories are hilarious. I don't know if I have pregnancy brain or am just being ditzy. I don't remember experiencing this with DD until the very end of the pregnancy and after delivering. My mind was in a fog the few weeks before and after delivery. A mix of hormone changes and sleep deprivation. 
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  • Ceb2015Ceb2015 member
    Glad to hear I am not the only one! This is our first and my husband thinks I'm crazy!

    My worst moment so far has probably been that I was walking to work with a just bought tea and I dropped it on the ground. No reason, just forgot I was holding of apparently. I was so mad!
  • I was talking to my mom and she was telling me that someone she knows is just 3 days older than my brother, who's birthday is 10/3. So, I said, "Born on 10/6, that's crazy." She just looked at me funny and said, "No..." I was so annoyed and kept saying 10/6 until she finally told me that would make his birthday 9/30. I was SO embarrassed. I HOPE that can be blamed on pregnancy brain.
  • jmac74jmac74 member
    I forgot a word during a presentation - the word I forgot was part of the title of the presentation and I'm sure I said it five times before the time I forgot it - soooo embarrassing! What worries me is all the people who say that pregnancy brain never goes away. Moms who are not having their first, please tell me this isn't true!
  • fishiecakesfishiecakes member
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    Oh my god no. I have pregnancy brain sooooo bad. My husband keeps snickering when I talk to him because he says it's like all of a sudden I've become dyslexic! AND I feel like my vocabulary has changed to that of a 3 yr olds! Just the other day I said "burger beef meat" because I couldn't think of the word "ground chuck"! My mom swears crazy pregnancy brain means you'll have a crazy smart kid - here's hoping because I look like a fool right now! :P
  • omg yes.. I've been getting so upset recently. My DH and I run a website together on top of our full time work and omg.. I just can't handle it at the moment :P I'm so excited for this week though so I can tell work that I'm pregnant and be like yea... know how I was forgetting like everything the past few weeks?... this is why! XD
  • MarchABCMarchABC member
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    @jmac74 - I've been in a blissful state of pregnancy/baby brain for 5 years and I embrace it. The lack of sleep doesn't help nor does the fact that you are in charge of the safety, love, and care of needy, beautiful little people... that sort of takes up a lot of brain space. Surrender now!  ;)
  • mmracermmracer member
    I had an expensive baby brain blunder yesterday. I put my iPhone on a pile of laundry and carried it all downstairs to the laundry room. By the time I got to the laundry room I completely forgot about my phone and threw in the laundry. 5 mins later I was wondering what was clanking around in the washing machine-then I figured it out. $500 later I have a new phone and the warranty plan in case baby brain strikes again!
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