4th section in October

Is it crazy to consider 5?
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Re: 4th section in October

  • I don't have any medical advice. What does your doctor think?
  • I recently talked to my OB about planning our 5th pregnancy. She was completely supportive, but at the end of our conversation she told me that another pregnancy would make 3 sections for me (my first 2 babies were not sections). She said that 3 is fine, but she would consider 4 c-sections "a lot". I asked why. I was worried about possible uterine rupture during pregnancy. She said that shouldn't be an issue. She would be more concerned about each surgery becoming more and more complicated with scar tissue, etc. I did a bit of Googling and it looks like there is actually more risk than just a more complicated surgery. However, it appears as if there are moms out there who have more than the 3 sections ;) 

    I would definitely check with my doctor on the 5th c-section. They are the pros! They preform a lot of them and I'm sure they have way more knowledge. 
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  • I don't think it's crazy to consider 5! Although I thought maybe I was crazy to consider 4 - and I'm not even pregnant with my 3rd c-section yet! Haha  ;)
  • I'm on #4, and my doc said 5 is okay, but I will be moved to a high-risk specialist and have visits every two weeks from the start.  I'm not interested in all that, so we are each getting fixed so I don't have to risk it.

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  • I've had four sections and we are trying for another baby. My OB who specializes in fertility says it shouldn't be an issue. I loved my sections.... Recovered quickly . The worst delivery was my first. I broke my tailbone and tore something awful. Good luck
  • I'm having my 3rd c section in Oct. My sono showed low lying placenta. My Dr said they will keep on eye on it, but if it doesn't move it's possible that my placenta attached to my scar tissue from my previous c sections. Which is one of the risks of multiple sections. If that's the case in looking at a hysterectomy with the birth of my son. But good luck to you!
  • I had my 4th in January.  It went ok.  Lots of scar tissue and it took 25 minutes just to get to my uterus and the total time for the c-section was 1 hr and 10 minutes.  My Dr said that my uterus itself is in good shape, but my body does make a lot of scar tissue and that can be an issue in the future because it would make a future c-section more difficult and I have to worry about the scar tissue attaching to other organs like my bladder or intestines.  Therefore I am almost positive I am done with 4 c-sections.
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