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Cloth diapering twins HELP!!!!

So I am due with my first bundle or should I say bundles of joy late October. I would really like to cloth diaper but I feel so overwhelmed as a first time mommy. I know I want to do prefolds with a cover but with all the different brands and types I don't know where to start. My question is which prefolds are the best and most absorbent and which covers are best for diapering newborns? My husband and I are on a budget so please no super high cost diaper systems. Please help me with your cloth diaper wisdom!!!

Re: Cloth diapering twins HELP!!!!

  • FTM too, but if possible, the recommendation seems to be to see if you can find a rental service for the first little bit and try out different brands to see which work best for you, and your babies.  I wasn't able to do this, so my fingers are crossed that I'll like what I bought!  If it's not an option, just try a couple of brands of both prefolds and covers before investing too much.  I decided it wasn't worth buying cloth for nb size, and will wait until she's 8lbs to use my cloth diapers.
  • Thanks! Diapering services are super expensive in the Seattle area so I might do regular disposables and mix in cloth till I find something that works and I can get the hang of it.
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  • I would say green mountain diapers for prefolds. I would get a few workhorses too for easier MOTN changes. I cloth diaper twins (mine are now 13 months). In the newborn stage I liked size 1 thirsties and Velcro newborn size covers over fitteds. Also look into buying used. I got many of my pockets used from friends and you could try craigslist. It may be a good way to get some "easier" diapers cheap. Let me know if you have any other specific questions.
  • I can only imagine that disposables for twins would get expensive pretty fast, and you would save money by laundering the diapers yourself. I would second the suggestion to look at green mountain diapers for prefolds.

    Also, since you are in Seattle, if you've got a Chinook Book there are tons of coupons for baby/kids consignment stores. Many of them will have some used cloth in stock. It's worth calling around to ask what they have in stock so you know whether it's worth making a trip.

    If you really want to keep your budget down you could go with flats and covers. There are a lot of cheap ways to do flats. There are products that are specifically sold as flat diapers (also at the Green Mountain Diapers website), but people also use receiving blankets, or cut up old T-shirts or bed linens.

    Also you might be able to find some decent used NB stashes for sale on Craiglist, diaperswappers, etc.
  • I use osocozy prefolds. They only come in two sizes. I'm also a big fan of flats. You can use flour sack towels, which are found in the kitchen section of Target and Walmart, for about $1 each.

    My favorite newborn covers are rumparooz. They fit my son until he was 3 months old.

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  • Oh, I forgot to mention that the Flats and Handwashing Challenge is going on this week at Dirty Diaper Laundry. If you google that you will find lots of links about diapering on a tight budget, there are people who blog through the challenge as well.

    I think we used to have at least one or two other regs who were also CD'ing twins, but they may have moved over to the new place with everyone else.
  • Thanks everyone!!!!
  • I have been cloth diapering twins for 18 months its not that bad really at all. We have always used Goodmama and Twinkie Tush and sloomb wool. Best system for us hands down. However I dont think thats budget friendly. Charlie banana are my second go to you can get them SUPER cheap. and they fit from teeny to toddler. I LOVE them! 

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  • Also keep in mind that with twins at the NB stage, you could be going through 2-3 dozen diapers a day, so if you are using cloth vs. disposables the savings will add up quickly.
  • You should check Childish Things on Holman if you haven't already - they have bins of used diapers and covers by the registers. They also have new things as well (at least prefolds, I didn't actually notice what else).
  • I will be headed there this weekend. Thanks
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    These aren't prefolds but they are a cheaper option I found and fell in love with-- Best Bottom Diapers. They are like prefolds with a cover except there's no folding and the inserts snap into place. They are well under the typical price point of a cloth diaper and you only need 8-10 shells and ~24 inserts (granted you'll double that with twins). It is still pricy when you factor you need for two, but an option to look into.
    I actually found a Cloth Diapering 101 class and discovered them there. Maybe look and see if your area offers anything similar?
  • Congrats on your pregnancy! In addition to buying some now, a diaper trial will let you test out a range of CD. I did one through Jillian's Drawers, and it's what made me decide to full-time CD. If you google Then Comes Family for their CD board and post this, you'll likely get more advice too.
  • This hasn't been mentioned but I've seen that some twin mama's dont have to buy 2 stashes for the babies since you can't wash that many diapers at once anyway. And you don't want to wash 2 loads eod! So many twin mama's wash every day early on.
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