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help. baby won't go to sleep without mammy

Our little one is 13 weeks.She is generally very good with me during the day, can feed, change, put her down for a nap. But around 8pm - 9pm when she is tired, she will only settle in mammys arms. When I get in from work around 8, she is in fine form but if I want a cuddle, she gets hysterical.She screams to the point of making herself sick. It really distressing for us all. I want to be able to put my little girl to sleep. I understand she has a bond with her mammy but I want to be able to help out. There will come a time when mammy won't be there to take her. Do we try and let her cry it out or something else?

Re: help. baby won't go to sleep without mammy

  • pchungpchung member
    Keep trying.  She just needs to get use to you.  Maybe try having your wife wear one of your shirts for a whole day and then wear that shirt to hold your LO. 

    Good luck!
  • Are you the dad? What is "mammy"? The mom or grandma?

    Anyways, do NOT let your 13 week old cry it out. That's not nice. Your baby is very young and a lot of babies just simply need their mom. If your wife breastfeeds, that might be another reason why only mom can comfort baby. Don't take it personally. Hell, my 3 year old still yells at daddy to go away because he wants me instead. It's not you. Mom's are usually always #1.

    Also, evenings are known as the "witching hour" with young babies because they are ALL crabby around the late evening hours. That's just when they are winding down and super fussy.

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  • Thanks for your reply

    Mammy is "Mom" Might be an Irish thing.
    I'm Dad. Baby is Bottle fed.
    Mom was sick yesterday so it was up to me to look after babY. But again she fought with me at bedtime. Hoping this passes soon. Don't want bedtime to become a struggle.

    Thanks again
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