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Seperation Anxiety!!

Hi ladies!

I'm not the one who has's DS! Most of the time I can't even leave the room without him crying! God forbid I leave him for a few hours to attend an event (went to a baby shower on Sunday and apparently he was inconsolable). I love my baby boy to death but I'm starting to feel trapped in my apartment because every time I go anywhere all he does is cry and scream and kick and hit who ever is watching him until I come home. Has anyone else dealt with this with previous children? How can I help DS feel secure while I'm away and how long does this last?

Re: Seperation Anxiety!!

  • How old is your LO? Separation anxiety doesn't usually kick in until around 6 months and can last until 9 months.
  • he's 5 months old. He is very aware of when I'm not around and if he even sees me head to the kitchen (right beside the living room) he will cry. 
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  • My LO does the same thing. Sorry I don't have any answers for you. Some babies are a little more "needy" (for lack of a better word).
  • vlevittvlevitt member
    This is normal for lots of babies. It will lessen eventually. Heck, in a few years he won't want to see you at all!
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