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tomorrow is my first ultra sound after transfer. I've got so many mixed emotions. This will be my 5th pregnancy. I have 1 healthy energetic boy at home which I am beyond thankful for :)this is my first ivf I did pgd/ Pgs testing Bec of my diagnosis so I know it's a good egg but my body needs to do its thing now. And they put you on restrictions after transfer and with a two year old it's so hard. What have your experiences been like?

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  • How did it go?
    ~~ All Welcome~~
    ME: 32, SER aggregates on eggs, anovulatory
    DH:  33, 2% morphology
    TTC #1 
    2 clomid cycles, 3 hybrid clomid/bravelle IUI's = 4 BFN/1 [email protected] 5.5 weeks
    IUI #6 -Follitism IUI cycle converted to IVF and back to IUI-4 mature, 3 maybe mature = BFP!!   DS Born 9/2014
    IVF #1 9/15 Antagonist- 19 R 1F (Frozen day 1 @ 2PN stage) Diagnosed with SER aggregates in 13/19 eggs after failed fertilization
    IVF #2 11/15 Antagonist w/ICSI  (Higher stims & Letrosole added last minute on stim day 7)- 39R, 24M (20/24 SER free), 15F (14/15 SER free & all frozen @ 2PN stage) 
    FET#1 Cultured all 16- 2pn embryos to day 5- transferred 1 good hatching blast and 1 early blast on 1/28- None to freeze - beta 2/5

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