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moving in a few weeks. How does maternity care go since it is not on post?

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  • Not familiar with Fort Leavenworth specifically, but if you already know that maternity care is not available on post they will put in a referral once you get there for a Dr out in town who accepts tricare prime.  From there your coverage is 100% for anything "medically necessary" the same as it would be on post.  You might get more u/s out in town, than on post, and they just code them as medically necessary and then they are covered.  Your delivery is also covered 100% and any additional time your baby may need to spend in a NICU or something {hope you don't need this} is also covered 100% for anything "medically necessary."

    We only have a naval health clinic on base here at Cherry Point {North Carolina} so I am seen out in town from the moment pregnancy is confirmed.  I have a particular dr I see, but he accepts tricare prime and there are no issues.  I also end up with a referral to the high risk dr's/hospital an hour away due to our issues, and everything with them is also fully covered.
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