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Positive test five weeks after d&c!!?

I had a D&C five weeks ago when I was 10 weeks along. I haven't had AF yet and about two weeks ago I had cramping for a day. Then this last week I have had lots of cramping...thought my period would come but no! I took a pregnancy test just to see and lo and behold there was a faint line, next day it was a little darker. What the heck is happening!? Is this possible!?

Re: Positive test five weeks after d&c!!?

  • It's possible to get pregnant again after a d&c without a period in between. It's also possible to still have hcg in your system 5 weeks later which would give you a positive test result. Do you know if your levels went down to 0 after the d&c (via lab tests)?
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  • I had a D&c March 17 and I am now 6w5d. I never had my period! Had blood drawn to check my levels last week and they were at 10,000. So it is very possible. Best of luck!
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  • I had bloodwork yesterday that showed my hcg levels were at 10, super low. Testing again tomorrow to see if they double. I'm assuming it's just leftover hormones since they are so very low. The thing that I don't get is how a pregnancy test is picking up hcg levels that low, I used first response and they pick up 25+, confused.
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