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Understanding HCG Levels

Just throwing this out there in case anyone has seen something similar. We did an FET during the month of April and we FINALLY got our BFP on 4/27! Thrilled because it's been a long time coming! Anyway, my levels on Day 10 post transfer were 188. I went back on Day 12 and they were 385. Progesterone looks good too. I have my first ultrasound scheduled 5/14 so I'm back to waiting again. Anyway, are those good numbers for that timeframe? I'm just so nervous!!!

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  • My clinic likes 9dp5dt of 100 or more. 188 a day later is great! And increasing normally. Congrats on your BFP! FX, FX.

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  • They look good to me!!!! FX for a happy and healthy 9 months!
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