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I'm a ftm and I'm trying to do my registry. Being a ftm I don't know what bottles, diapers, and wipes work best. How do I register for those when I'm not sure what brand I want?

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    Also a FTM, but from what i've heard, different babies like different bottles and diapers, so the best idea is to read up on some reviews, and pick a small amount of a few different kinds to register for.  Then, when you know what kind works best for you and your baby, you can go out and purchase more.
  • I would read reviews (Amazon reviews are fantastic) and if you have any friends or family that have kids ask them for advice. 
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  • I'd worry more about registering for your bigger items, and the 'don't really matter so much' things like towels, bathtub, etc.  Bottles you can just get one or two to have on hand, and see how it goes, so to speak, or buy/register for one starter kit and get more afterwards.  For me, by and large, no one bought off of my registry (more than fine, not complaining!) so even the things I did choose a certain kind of, I just took off of the registry as I received equivalent items from people.  I can live with pink princess towels, or try a different bottle kind to start, etc. and she won't ever remember them!  :P  
  • I didn't register for any because my niece gave me all of hers that she didn't need any more. Well, turns out DS didn't like those ones so we went to the next brand we could find. Sometimes it's all about trial and error. I completely agree on what PPs have said and register for 1 or 2 different kinds and take it from there.
  • Baby registry items tend to fall into 3 basic categories:

    1.  Big-ticket items like crib, pack-n-play, stroller, rocking chair/glider, carseat, etc.
    2.  Medium-sized/priced items such as seats, swings, gates, monitors, high chairs.
    3.  Smaller/disposable items such as diapers, pacifiers, bottles, onesies, baby toys, bibs, receiving blankets, washcloths, toiletries, etc.

    For category #1, it's really important for you to do your research and to pick out the one you want.  Fortunately, there's a ton of books and websites out there with up to date reviews.  Read reviews, then if possible go to the store before you register and put your hands on the actual floor model.  For instance, you want to know that the stroller is a comfortable height for you.  You want the glider to match your furniture, and the carseat to be one that fits your car.

    For category #2, you should also do some research so that you're getting what you want.  There are people who love to shop from your registry, and they will gravitate toward these mid-priced items.  However, over the course of your life as a parent, it's also likely that you'll wind up wearing out and replacing some of these things.  For example, I had 3 different baby monitors by the time my youngest was in preschool.  So if you register for a bottle set and it turns out you don't like those, you can always pick up more bottles when you know better what you like.

    You don't have to even register for items from category #3 if you feel overwhelmed.  When the baby arrives, have a few different brands of diapers on hand and see which you like best.  Same with pacifiers, lotions, wipes, and other small items.  You'll sample and replace them as your baby grows.

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  • The book Baby Bargains helped me a lot when trying to put my registry together for my first child.
  • I second Baby Bargains. It tells you what you really need and what you don't and rates the brands for everything. No matter what, you can always return/exchange unused/unopened things later if you decide you prefer one brand over another.
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  • FTM:  i went with amazon reviews...i trusted so many strangers and their opinions. 
  • I used Baby Bargains (2015 is the purple book), online reviews and recommendations. I would definitely recommend this book. I found it to be pretty comparable to online reviews.
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