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City Moms!! I Need your Help on a Stroller Choice

Hello Fellow Moms and Moms-2-B,

I've been searching and searching for the perfect stroller and believe I may have narrowed it down to two. Does anybody have any experiences with the Baby Jogger- City Mini. It seems like every other mom in the city has one, but the reviews online are hit or miss. I also like the Maxi-Cosi Kaia (great for travel; easy to pack up and light). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks and congrats fellow moms!


Re: City Moms!! I Need your Help on a Stroller Choice

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    We LOVE our city mini GT! Best stroller ever! We've had it for almost 2 years and it still looks new. Easy to push one handed and navigate through stores and on the street. Best of all it's super easy to fold up one handed.

    In terms of accessories, we only ever used the car seat adaptor. At 18 months, we haven't felt the need to get the belly bar or tray. And I would not recommend baby jogger brand parent console. We did and I hated it! It's difficult to get drinks in and out of and doesn't hold much. I think we ended up with the skip hop brand and it works so much better!
  • Thank you so much BuckleyK. I've shamelessly stopped a few moms on the street lately to ask them about their city mini's and they had similar feelings.As long as it lasts and its relatively easy to fold up, I think I may be sold :). I appreciate your advice!
  • @BrittanyKH35 In not sure where you live but there's a Great Beginnings in Md and Va- their sales people are amazing and super knowledgeable! They also have a great selection of brands of strollers (and everything else) to try out. You'll never want to go back to buy buy baby again. So if you haven't test driven own, I'd make the trip. Their hours are a little strange so check the website before you go and they take buy buy baby and bed bath and beyond coupons!
  • The City Select is great too. And folds up easily to ride the bus. And converts to a double later if needed. LOVE this stroller. And got it off Craigslist for half the price!
  • Agree with the PP - City Mini GT!
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