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Restoring old bassinet?

Hi all, not sure if anyone can help me with this, but my mom wants to use the old bassinet I used even I was a baby for my son who will be here next month. It's made out of wicker and has been sitting in storage for 30 years. She's all excited to use it, and bought all new bedding for it, but I'm worried about how to restore it. Should we just clean it with disinfectant? Sand and repaint? Something else? I don't want to offend her, and this won't be his regular place to sleep, but I want it to be safe first and foremost. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Re: Restoring old bassinet?

  • I would just clean, sanding and painting sounds like it would be a lot of work for just an occasional place to sleep. I would also thoroughly look it over for damage, bugs, mildew etc

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