10 day growth delay

I received my genetic testing blood results and had my 20 week u/s last week. Blood work showed all kinds of problems and my baby was measuring 10 days behind. Had an amnio done to see if any chromosome abnormalities could be causing the growth delay but FISH test results came back normal. Now I'm waiting 3 weeks for my next u/s to see if my little one grows. If not, IUGR is suspected. I'm 20 weeks and so nervous because I still don't look pregnant at all when others I know are twice if not 3x as big as me at the same stage in pregnancy.

Can anyone offer advice with IUGR being diagnosed as early as 20 weeks, ways to assist in a baby's growth, small bump at this stage and what that means, discrepancies with genetic blood work and amnio results??? So many questions flood my mind right now. I'm just so confused considering I'm pretty darn healthy and only 30 years old.

Re: 10 day growth delay

  • I don't have much to offer on IUGR, but the small bump I can relate too. I still didn't look pregnant at 29 weeks and went into preterm labor and even for not looking pregnant he was 3 lbs 6 oz (about a pound bigger than that gestational age). So I don't think how much your showing means your baby is necessarily small (I am 20 yo and healthy and not overweight). I assume you carry your baby back farther than most. One of my nicu nurses also had the same problem with her baby girl not growing and measuring behind but every ultrasound she grew a few more ounces so she carried almost to term and delivered at 36 weeks.
  • Are they checking your blood pressure? My boy was already on the small side because of my hypertension when he was delivered at 33 weeks due to superimposed preeclampsia.
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  • My baby started growing in 3 weeks what she should have been growing in 1 week. We made it to 35 weeks, but she measured closer to a 29/30 weeker. She is almost on the charts, but not quite, and she is doing fine, with the exception of reflux (which we were told is common in her situation). I also have a 14 yr old that was IUGR as well, and he has surpassed me in heighth awhile ago.
  • @MichelleMarieC I wanted to see how you fared? I am going through an almost identical situation as you did, with baby measuring 10 days behind @ 20 weeks and all genetic tests came back clear. Hope all is well!
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