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Trouble TTC a Sibling

New to discussion boards looking for support :)

Hi all! My name is Jenny and I am new to the blog/forums. My husband and I have a 3 year old son who was actually conceived while I was on the pill! Haha so needless to say troubles conceiving for #2 came as quite a shock. I am sure many of you have found yourself in very similar situations so I know we can all relate. We have been trying since May 2014 and this week we found out my husbands semen analysis indictated he has a low count of 5.5 million. His doctor told us to purchase Count Boost from FertilAid (he has been taking FertilAid for men for 4 months now). I purchased that one and the Mobility Boost just in case.

I guess I am just looking for advice from people in similar situations and if these pills helped you or what you did differently to conceive.

Thanks and looking forward to getting to know people!!

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