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Frank breech and hip problems?

My baby has been in the frank breech position for most of my pregnancy. In the beginning we thought it was cute that she liked to have her feet up by her head and called her our little gymnast. Now it's not so cute because I'm 35 weeks and my dr is talking c section and hip problems. I'm not worried about having a c section, I'm concered about the complications of frank breech after birth. Any stm who had a frank breech baby? Did they have any hip issues or froggy legs? Any stories where baby was fine and no complications?

Re: Frank breech and hip problems?

  • FTM here with a frank breech baby as well - my doctor isn't concerned about issues other than needing a c-section. She told me not to worry about potential complications as most breech babies are just fine and have no hip problems.
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    Hi ladies- my first daughter was a breech baby and was diagnosed with developmental hip dysplasia at birth. I'm not trying to worry you but just let you know that being breech, a girl and first born are contributing factors of DDH. From day 1 they checked her hips and she had an ultrasound at 6 weeks to check her hips. The left was fine but the right was dislocated.

    Catching DDH early is the key and many times it can be corrected with only a brace. My daughter ended up having surgery at 10 months and was in a spica cast. Today she is an active 3 year old who runs, climbs, skips, jumps etc. with no problems.

    I know it's scary, especially being a first time mom. Insist on an ultrasound at 6 weeks, be your child's advocate. Know that the days can be long but the years fly by.

    I'm here for any other questions or concerns!! Lots of love!
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  • Wow, I did not know the term for this! My mom just says I was trying to come out "butt first". Frank Breech sounds a bit nicer. So while I can't speak from experience, I know I was positioned that way and it just meant my mom had me via c-section. Lucky for you they are aware of it. My mom labored for 18 hours before they figured out I was positioned that way!

    I turned out just fine - the only funny story she tells is that I was so used to having my feet by my head, that for several weeks when I laid in my bassinet, she'd see my legs up in the air... she'd come over, try to push them down, and then they'd slowly rise again! Like little baby exercising. Eventually it went away, of course...
  • My daughter, my first pregnancy, was Frank Breech. We had a consult for an inversion but didn't do it. To dangerous. So sadly I had to abandon my thought of a natural delivery and have a csection. It was best for both me and her. It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I bounced back fast. As for her hips. She did look funny at first the way her legs "fell" into position when she laid on her back. At the hospital the would double diaper to help, and it really did. After I think 2/3 months they did an ultra sound on her to check for displacement but she was fine! No problems! GOOD LUCK MOMMA!
  • My daughter was frank breech for a long time. I delivered c-section with no complications. Like you said, it increases the chance of hip problems, so I was immediately set up with appointments to check on the progress of things. I was told she may need a pavlik harness, but she didn't. We had an ultrasound when she was a few weeks old, and then with the results of that, I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. I can't remember if he also gave an ultrasound, or just looked at the results from the ones we had taken, or just gave her an exam. But he explained that they wanted to angle by her hip sockets to be a certain number, and she met his requirements. So while I worried, all turned out fine and other than a few appointments, nothing else was necessary.
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  • Thank you ladies that's all really good to know! I have my appointment Thursday to schedule my c section. Kind of an intimidating task!
  • Sorry to restart this thread. LO is now 10 weeks old, the first this was ever mentioned to us was at the 6 week check up (she ticks every box breech, first, girl & hereditary). We were fitted into a pavlik brace 2 days ago. Has anyone else's LO been put in a brace? Any tips and tricks?
  • Sending good thoughts your way @mishmardhiono
  • Thank you hoodoo, considering our selves pretty lucky tbh.. I was miserable on the way to the hospital but compared to the other kids and babies waiting this is so temporary and so minor we are incredibly lucky to have a healthy little girl that's so easily fixed.
  • Our baby girl is 10 weeks old and going to see the pediatric orthopedic specialist tomorrow due to pediatrician's concerns at her 2 week appt. of hip dysplasia. She had an ultrasound that day, a follow up at 4 weeks, which led to the referral. She wasn't breech though, so I can't help you there. We might be joining you in the brace club, @mishmardhiono
  • Sorry to hear, the brace isn't so bad but just as an FYI they stop pooing once it goes on for 2-3 days. If she's in a pavlik harness onesies that are a siE too big still fit her. Ask for 2 braces because it gets filthy, it's disgusting and we are 2 weeks into it.

    Thy say the effected ones are:
    Breech babies
    First born
    Or hereditary.
  • Ha ha, I was a breech firstborn girl and it must have been hereditary because my sister had dysplasia and braces, too. This was almost 30 years ago so I have no advice, but we both turned out just fine.
  • I've just attached some photos of her in her brace and with a onesie over the top of it
  • I've just attached some photos of her in her brace and with a onesie over the top of it

    She sure is a cutie!
  • She's so cute! That's awesome that you can do the clothes over it. I wondered what you're supposed to do to keep them warm as it gets colder! We're still waiting to find out what is going on. Met with the ped. ortho. and he wanted to do another ultrasound since the last one was over a month ago. His physical exam was promising however, so we're waiting on the ultrasound results now.
  • Good luck! I hope you don't join our club but if you do it's not a bad club to be in
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