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Breastfeeding and biting

how do you get them to not bite?

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  • katee268katee268 member
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    My son just started biting too! He doesn't have any teeth yet but omg it doesn't even matter it hurts!! From everything I've read it says to break suction as soon as baby bites. If they are nursing they cannot bite because their bottom gum is covered by their tongue. So I've been trying to pay more attention to what my son is doing while feeding and as soon as he bites he's done eating because he's just playing around at that point and not that Interested. Today was a little better then yesterday but if continues I may rethink this whole breastfeeding for a full year
  • Lacyd1985Lacyd1985 member
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    Same as what she says to try and prevent the biting. I've also read and tried that when my lo bites (who has both bottom teeth and is getting a top one!) to push more of your breast in to their mouth because their reaction is then to let go. What has really worked the few times he has bit was me screaming (accidentally, it really hurt!). It startled him and he just froze so then I could unlatch or he could just continue nursing.
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