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baby wont sleep at daycare

My baby girl is 12 weeks tomorrow. She has been an amazing sleeper since week 2. She naturally slept through the night, from 11pm-5pm. I recently went back to work 9 weeks ago. Our daycare provider is amazing and updates me regularly Through texts, pictures, and fills out forms at the end of the day. My daughter used to sleep 4 hours there regularly. As the weeks have gone on, her awake time is getting longer and longer. She isn't taking as many naps nor are they as long. And she isn't fussy- she just enjoys watching all of the action . I know this is natural for them to start needing less sleep..but she is now refusing to sleep through the night. Her fussiness is at an all time high at night. Waking and the only thing to calm her is nursing. I got into the habit of nursing her before she fell asleep when I got home from work on Nights I worked late. I know she could be going through a growth spurt, not getting enough sleep during the day, going through early sleep regression... There are tons of possibilities but I have yet been able to come up with A solution. Has anyone gone through this type of scenario?

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  • My DD has gone through phases were she has not napped at daycare.  She would fall asleep on the way home and then I would have a difficult time putting her to bed and she would also wake in the middle of the night.  I have learned that most things with sleep are phases.  My guess is she is overtired and I hope the phase passes quickly.
  • I wouldn't expect her to sleep all night. There is so much mentally and physically going on in their bodies for the first 18-24 months. It could be a number of things. I would continue to feed on demand and just follow her lead/cues. 
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  • They usually hit some sleep regression around 4 months. She could also be going through a mental growth spurt (aka wonder week) where she notices something new about her environment and can't stop thinking about it enough to calm down and sleep. (Think how your mind races the night before a big event, like a test, job interview, presentation, or vacation). Like all of babyhood, this too shall pass. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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