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Hi everyone!  Any tips on making DIY safe and effective diaper wipes spray for my cloth diaper system?  @thegreenmama
I currently make a baby wash/water/oil/tea tree and lavender essential oil mixture in a spray bottle, but wondering if anyone has any other favorites?

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    I am hoping to make something like this:

    The only issue I foresee is that it could get kind of expensive.  Hoping to maybe get some ingredients at my baby shower next weekend and then get the rest on my own after.  I have heard that just water is okay too.  The material I used for making wipes is a SUPER duper soft organic unbleached cotton fabric.  
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    Do you ladies prefer spraying on the solution at time of use vs. presoaking all of the wipes?  Is one easier/less messy for the diaper bag vs. at home?

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