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Menstruation after loss

After doing some research, I am still confused.
I've read you will not menstruate with levels above 5.
22 days after my natural MC I had my first AF (it was definitely a period and not spotting).  I had a blood test the day AFTER I began menstruation, and assumed the HCG levels would come back as negative - I was surprised my results came back as 6.7!  I have been having blood tests done every week since MC and levels have been consistently dropping.  
I was under the impression that AF would not begin until levels dropped to 0 - am I missing something?
I am temping this cycle and will begin OPKs today to track ovulation, but any insight on Menstruation and HCG levels would be appreciated!!  

Re: Menstruation after loss

  • I was told you won't even ovulate until hcg levels are 0 so you'd get your period ~2 weeks after that. Sorry I don't have better advice for you, but I was under the same impression as you about the hcg levels.
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  • I have been wondering about this too. It's so confusing. I don't know what to expect.
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    So I talked to a nurse, and she said it's totally possible to menstruate with levels so low.  I'll still be going back for tests until I test negative, but in the meantime, I'm going to start charting my temperatures and taking OPKs to figure out where I stand with ovulation.

  • Thank you for sharing! My levels were 6.7 Tuesday so I'm hoping AF is right around the corner.
  • After my MMC/cytotec on April 3rd, my AF showed up on May 11th when my HCG was at 19. My Dr and nurse also had previously kept telling me that I wouldn't get AF until a couple weeks past getting to 0 but when I called about AF, they said it was normal? Normally abnormal, I guess. Anyway, my HCG pull from this past Wednesday had my level still positive at 9. Really hoping this doesn't mean I'll have an anovulatory cycle... I'm not really sure if the two correlate and the research I've tried to do has been less than helpful. Charting/OPK hasn't shown any signs of ovulation yet though and my cycles before were 26-28 days so hopefully any day now.
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    It may not have been a true period. Not saying it was a fake one or spotting, but a true AF required ovulation to have occurred. There is a term called breakthrough bleeding. I have PCOS and chart so I know when I ovulate, or don't, and it is possible to have a full-on period with no ovulation. Basically it was explained to me that it was the bodies way of flushing everything when it feels the need. I had breakthrough bleeding after my first loss, just like regular AF, happened on CD 32 after loss as if my body said "Ok, it's that time again" since that was about the length of my normal cycle before I got preg, then continued that way until I got preg again. It was like my body knew I hadn't and wouldn't ovulate anytime soon and reset itself. Just a possibility. FWIW the next cycle I ovulated a bit late but I did ovuate.
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