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Labor/birth with spinal issues

hi. Ftm here. As i get closer to due date i am becoming more and more nervous about labor and birth. Ive had a spinal fusion in my lower back (L1-L3 to be precise). I have also had said fusion removed. I deal with back pain on a daily basis- so far nothing too bad throughout the pregnancy. Although im starting to feel the effects of carrying. I will NOT be getting n epideral. Not even going to try and the dr. Advises it probably wouldnt work if i wanted to. I feel okay with it. Until i reeeallly think about it and freak myself out. :S i also worry about back labor-- ugh

AM I ALONE? Anyone out there skipping epideral? Gone through labor and birth after spine issues of any kind?

Re: Labor/birth with spinal issues

  • So I have a nerve disease and there's a small concern I will stay numb for a while even after the epidural wears off. The anesthesiologist says I'm good to go but I'm still spooked and will see if I can go without ... But my pain tolerance is so freakin low I'm just not sure what to expect.
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  • I was rear ended June 2014, I've had back pain since then. Im scared to see how labor is going to be for me this time around. I don't want the epidural, but with my back pain I don't know if I will be able to handle it.

    When I had my son in 2010, i was in labor for 7 hours and I didn't get the epidural. The nurse kept offering it to me. Every 15 minutes she would ask if I wanted it. I told her if I wanted it I would ask for it, so she finally stopped asking me.

    My doctor said usually after the first pregnancy labor is easier and the time is cut in half. I'm so hoping she's right, because I can go for a 4 hour labor. [-O<
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  • In 2001 I had a pretty bad horse back riding accident and pushed my disks closer together and I now have an issue with pinched nerves. In 2011 I gave birth to my son without an epidural or any other pain control. I didn't even really notice much pain while giving birth. I think if you just relax and think of the beautiful outcome you will be ok. :)
  • Check out the Hypnobirthing thread and do a quick Search for "scoliosis." You are definitely not alone! Several of us are preparing for unmedicated births for a variety of reasons. For me, it's scoliosis and a 29 degree curve/twist.

    I like the Hypnobirthing book (some people say taking the course is a must, but I can only read the book) because it talks about the impact of fear and how to rid yourself of it, and the physical challenges it presents. I also like Ina May's guide to Natural Childbirth.

    For me, reading these books is really important to prepare myself and keep the fear at bay.

    My mother had no medical reason not to have an epidural but has told me my whole life, "Pushing is the fun part!" If she could do it, I can and will do it. And so will you!
  • Its a relief to hear your replies. I feel much more confident about my decision. Im hoping to go 100% natural. Ive done a bunch of research and am still learning new things every day. I love the idea of the "drug-free" natural connection. & those first moments with my son. I cannot wait to experience it all. But sometimes i think i just psyche myself out.. Probably didnt help watching videos/documentaries of natural birth, but i just feel like i should be as knowledgeable as possible and know what to expect.

    I am going to look into the past discussions on here as suggested --

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  • I have chronic pelvic instability. I made it through 50+ hours of labor with DS1 before electing an epidural because of exhaustion and the birth environment had become hostile. DS2 was a lovely, empowering unmedicated birth. It was almost a water birth, which is great for back issues. We'll try again for a water birth this time around. You can read my birth stories here, if you'd like. I had back labor with both.

    Have you heard about the classic book Childbirth Without Fear? It was really inspirational to me. The thing about labor pain vs. chronic pain is that your body has all of these brilliant physiological reasons for each sensation in during labor and your hormones compensate to make it bearable (and even empowering and positive).
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