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Party Activities for all?

There will be 8 children at my son's birthday party at the end of the month. I have no idea what to do!
Typically, family birthday parties go like this: Lunch/Dinner; Dessert = birthday cake and ice cream; Then birthday boy/girl sits in front of everyone and opens gifts. Adults mingle. Children play whatever.

This is my first birthday party that I have hosted and I would like to do some sort of activity. I'm from the pool of "Go Big or Go Home"  - and the other foot is in the pool of "Reasonably Priced." So the thought of getting the bounce house for $250 on top of birthday gifts and food/drinks for party goers is out the window. :( Daddy said no. Such a party pooper!   My wallet said no, too but my heart says TJ would love it!!!! 

So - - I have an 8, 6, two 3 yr. olds, a 1 yr. , my 2 year old, and two 8 month old babies at this party.  What kind of activity can I do that would engage the older kids and still be fun for the younger ones? If anyone could help that would be awesome! And if we can't come up with a game that we can all play together as one oversized happy family then maybe we can come up with something specific for the older ones and something else for the youngin's.   Oh - and my birthday theme is Elmo. TJ loves Elmo.

Re: Party Activities for all?

  • Think old school classic party games: Rock paper scissors tournament, water balloon toss, musical chairs, freeze dance, game where partners have to throw cheerios in each others mouth, pinata..
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