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Symphysis pubis dysfunction

Any veteran moms have SPD before and have tips for dealing with it? Or any first time moms that have had the joy of already getting this problem. I'm 35+2 and it just feels like my pelvis is trying to separate constantly. It seems one of those bits of oregnancy you just have to deal with but thought I'd ask for tips to alleviate my suffering.

Re: Symphysis pubis dysfunction

  • Ill be 33w on Friday and just recently started feeling this, mostly after I've been sitting for a while and I get up. I asked my MW today and she said a maternity belt might happen to alleviate some pressure. But....idk! No tried and true methods from me ;) good luck! I know it's uncomfortable.



  • Soo painful ! I had it for about a month , and stopped work because I sit all day and it was so sore! Doctor told me all I could take was Tylenol , it was very sore . Wish I was more help , hope it goes away !
  • I'm 34w 6d and I have the same pain. Husband has to help me out of bed, out of the car, up our stairs, off the couch. Feels like my pubic bone is going to pop right apart! I sit at work all day too so I'm hoping they pull me soon because I can't handle sitting for 8 hours a day! It's awful. I tried the pregnancy belt and it didn't help at all. No luck with Tylenol relieving any pain either.
  • Go see a chiropractor. I've had it since about 18 weeks or before. I've gone about once every month and it definitely gets me through until the last week or so.
  • Yes I had this in my first pregnancy. Avoid anything that overly stretches the ligaments or muscle such as yoga or Pilates until after the birth. Heat helps. Perhaps try a pregnancy girdle? Mine got better at around 36 weeks and I haven't had it at all this pregnancy. 
  • Yes, I have an extreme degree ongoing from pregnancy with DS1. While that is very abnormal and I wouldn't want you to worry about that, it does mean that I have almost 5 years of experience of coping. Here is all I've learned.
  • I've had it since the very beginning of this pregnancy. It's horrible and just gets worse as baby get heavier :( makes it hard to be able to do anything
  • Thanks all for the suggestions! And eeeek I certainly hope it goes away (and doesn't last 5 years!) For now I think I'll try a support belt as my schedule doesn't really allow time for a chiro.
  • I had this with my first pregnancy and am soooooo greatful there has not been a relapse.  Some things that got me through - sitting on a yoga/birthing ball instead of a normal chair, doing inversions to help move the baby off of the pubic bone, and a full body pregnancy support band (you can get insurance to cover these if you have a prescription from your ob/midwife).  

    Good luck to all you ladies!
  • I have had it right through my first pregnancy and now right through my second pregnancy I'm nearly 36 weeks. I have found that weekly osteopath vists and daily exercise ( riding the exercise bike )has helped me deal with the pain..
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    I've had it from about 18 weeks I find the bath and swimming pools are my best friends. Exercise or even grocery shopping makes mine worse. It's so bad sometimes my pelvic even pops is almost over so hang in there.
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    I think I really may have this and am going to discuss with my dr at next visit.... I am so tired of hearing "oh that's just normal pregnancy symptom" from the doctor! I have pain when I sit or stand.... Getting out of a car or bed can be super painful... this is not just a normal "stretching" problem... Ugh the only relief I have is when I lay on my side with a pillow between my legs.
  • Mine is so bad i have been sleeping in a recliner since I was around 16 weeks. I cannot put any pressure on my hips. I can hardly put pants on due to the pain of lifting my legs (even though I sit down to dress). This pain is my biggest complaint about pregnancy!! I miss being able to walk and get up and sleep laying down. Hope things get better for you!!
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