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Low Platelet Count

Anyone else have low platelets? Mine keep going down and it's getting ME down. Wish there was something I could do to keep them up. Am eating leafy green vegetables, but maybe not enough. I'm nervous this will affect me during birth--my mom had(has) low platelets and she hemorraged while giving birth vaginally to me. She ended up being ok, though.

Re: Low Platelet Count

  • Yes mine are very low and I just found out I have anemia too I'm 34 weeks ... If you ask your doctor they can give you iron pill samples (which will make you nauseous) but they help. they shot my platelet count from 105 to 180 in a few days . Have you seen a hematologist yet? Mine told me she would do blood transfusions or something like that if they got to low before my due date if I really wanted the epidural .
  • My Ob is also watching my platelet count, I'm below average but unless I drop to closer to 50 then she said it isn't of concern. As far as doing something to increase your platelets, there really isn't anything that you can do. I have worked with kids that were diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrompocytopenia purpura). Which is when their platelets drop for unknown reasons. I did a quick search and found several research abstracts and articles talking about pregnancy induced thrombocytopenia. From what I found, it can show up in the 3rd trimester, typically resolves on it's own after delivery, and does not affect the baby. 

    During labor they will want to be aware of what the count is and could use a few different options, steroids (prednisone), transfuse platelets, or give IVIG. The staff may need to check you more often after delivering and there is some talk about an increased risk of getting an epidural. As long as your doctors know how you are doing try not to worry too much. And know that it isn't going to hurt your baby at all. 
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  • I just had a friend of mine get induced at 37 weeks because of a combination of high blood pressure and low platelets.  Her platelets had been falling while she was being monitored, and the doctor told her that at that particular hospital, the anestesiologist will question allowing an epidural in some instances when platelet count is below 100.  he told her they could continue monitoring her and maybe her blood pressure would decrease and platelets would rise and she woudln't have to induce...but if they continued to monitor her and decided to induce at a time when her platelets were extra low, she would likely have to deliver without an epidural.  Ultimately, she decided to just induce so that she could get the epidural.  Just something to be aware of - if you already have low platelet count, definitely take a birthing class that covers pain management without an epidural, as there is a higher chance of that happening to you.
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  • delujm0!  I'm seeing the specialist on Tuesday.  My platelets were at 85 last time they checked (on Tuesday).  Luckily all my other numbers are good, including blood pressure.  I took a natural childbirth class and was planning to try for no drugs from the beginning, so I feel like my head's in a good place to not have an epidural.  Still, it would be nice to have the option!  Hoping for good news on Tuesday...
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