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baby not sleeping through the night

hey everyone,
my baby is 6 months old and he isn't sleeping through the night as yet. he wakes up 4-5 times a night. anyone having this problem or does any one have advice as to what i can do to get him to sleep?

Re: baby not sleeping through the night

  • I have the same problem :( I try to give him a bottle of formula before bed or a really fulfilling dinner like puréed sweet potato with cinnamon or baby guacamole and he still wakes up almost every other hour ... And now he barely takes naps during the day I am absolutely exhausted and don't know what to do
  • A lot of 6 month old babies still need to eat during the night. It's pretty common. However, waking up every hour or 4-5 times a night isn't common.

    When your baby wakes, do you give him a little time to see if he falls back asleep or do you go to him immediately?

    Do you have white noise going?

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  • We've found that as he's adjusting to eating solid foods my son wakes more frequently. He's 6 months old, EBF up until now. He naps pretty well during the day though. We use white noise.
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  • he cries a lot when he wakes up at nights so i have to go to him... yes we have white noise in his nursery. 
  • Hi,
    My baby is 24 weeks and sometimes wakes up 3 times at night but I have noticed that is because is teething or if i gave an apple in the evening he complaints of gases.
    Otherwise he gets up only at 3 am.
  • he cries a lot when he wakes up at nights so i have to go to him... yes we have white noise in his nursery. 

    Sounds pretty normal actually. Lots of babies still wake up right now, mine included and she's almost 7 months old. I usually feed her twice a night but she wakes up other times and just fusses or talks to herself.
  • MmylsaMmylsa member
    Tips that I think help my little man sleep well- we have a white noise machine, he is fed dinner about an hour and a half before bed time so that he's ready for a bottle but not famished, we start our bedtime routine at the same time every night, we keep his room pretty dark (just 1 dim nightlight) and on the cooler side (68-70 degrees)... He usually sleeps from 8:45-6:30 with an occasional wake up around 4 or 5.
    But really, more wake ups are completely normal and all babies are different at this age. I hope one of these things may help.

  • Is your LO FF or BF?

    My pedi made a point that FF babies tend to use it for comfort and less for nutrition at this stage, but BFing babies may still need to wake more frequently due to how easily digestible BM is. Either way, this is normal and it too shall pass.
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  • FnkymmaFnkymma member
    My baby is 7 mo at this point, with 1-2 wake ups during the night. Last month, though, she was waking throughout the night because of teething. It took a while, but 2 teeth finally poked through and she's back to normal.
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