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Weekly doctor visits

I'm currently 34 weeks today and I had my checkup done today. My doctor states she wants me to start next week coming in weekly and I also will do an ultrasound to see my baby's weight. Is it common to have an ultra sound so late in my pregnancy?

Re: Weekly doctor visits

  • Yeah.. we had one with ds1 and have one on friday to check fluids, postion... that kind of thing. I am 35 weeks today so its about the same timing. Good luck enjoy thr view
  • I'm 31 weeks today and just had my regular appointment today and she wants me in next week to check baby's size since I'm measuring small. I think a lot of women have ultrasounds at least one a little late in the game just to check on things. Depends on the doctor too.
  • I had one at 34-35w with DD to check size, etc. I have an appt tomorrow and will ask about it if she doesn't mention it



  • Yes. Not every doctor does it for every patient but I am measuring behind so it's a way that they can check that baby is still growing properly and to also check the amniotic fluid levels.
  • It's not uncommon, but you can decline it if you don't want it. With DS1 we did a late ultrasound to look at positioning (unlike the MW I used for babies 2 and 3 who can tell position with her hands as well as an estimate of fluid level, the OB could not) and I found the baby weight estimate completely unhelpful. It just is so inaccurate late in pregnancy. I got the whole, "your baby will be huge" line, and he ended up being under 7 lbs, so quite a normal weight. We won't do it this time around unless there is a specific health concern.
  • 31 weeks here, and I'm doing weekly visits for NSTs, every 2 weeks for checkup with the OB, and every 4 weeks for growth ultrasounds. I've got twins and GD, though, so that's why.
  • I have hypertension so I'm on weekly nst with 4 week ultrasounds. Least exciting ultrasound ever. Just measuring the head arms and legs and organs, mine was last friday. I have my next nst test on thursday. Whatever gets me a healthy baby in the end I'm game for! :) I know every on is a little different
  • I'm having one at 35.5 weeks, just a quickie to verify the position of the baby, I believe.
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  • I switched doctors pretty late in the game but at 31 weeks I was told I'd be having an ultrasound at 36 weeks definately going to ask about it today.
  • I will get another at 36 weeks and I start my weekly visits with nst testing next Monday.
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  • I get my last one tomorrow!! Due date is June 1st so..... I guess I have about 4 1/2 weeks left. 32 days:) I am beyond ready to meet our little love. I think it's pretty common to have US and internal exam as well as weekly visits from now on. Final countdown ladies!! We are so close!
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