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Eco-friendly detergent recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for an eco-friendly (plant-based)
laundry detergent that would be good for baby and yet won’t have my baby
wearing clean clothes that make it look like I haven’t washed them in weeks! I’m
NOT looking for Free & Clear detergents or ones deemed ‘for baby’ (ie.
Purex, All, Dreft, etc)…these are far from eco-friendly and I would not use
them on my own skin, let alone a baby’s. Oh, I’m also not
mom-of-year-award-motivated enough to make my own. So commercially available,

Re: Eco-friendly detergent recommendations

  • I have been using Ecos for a few years.  I use it for regular laundry and cloth diapers- comes in some scents and unscented.
  • I use both EcoNuts as well as Ava Anderson Non Toxic products - both you would order online as they are not currently sold in stores. I actually sell the Ava Anderson products because I love them so much and use just about everything they make. If you have questions about either, just let me know! You can check out EcoNuts here: and Ava Anderson here:  
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  • I use Biokleen laundry soap right now, but am planning to switch to Econuts/Soap nuts when it runs out.  I've heard it's pretty good and won't leave residue for cloth diapers.
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  • I second the Ava Anderson...amazing products that are 100% non-toxic!!
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    Dr bronner's products are what I use for just about everything. It just says to add some vinegar to the rinse cycle. They have scented and unscented.
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