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3.5 year old wont pee in potty

my otherwise normally developing, independent, intelligent (she is even starting to "read" by sounding out some words) 3.5 year old seems unable to pee in the potty.  we just had an episode that made just about made my head explode (though i of course hid my frustration from my dd).

--today she was practicing wearing big-girl undies around the house

--she went hours without an accident.

--dd sat on the potty after i asked

--she sat for a few minutes, was clearly holding in her pee

--dd then suddenly got up and peed on the floor right next to the potty, 

im so confused. we've had many similar incidents, but this was the most dramatic. i've tried every positive- reinforcement method i can think of . i have even totally "backed-off" for a few months at a time. we've tried naked/no-diaper weekends but she just kept having accidents and that upset her. right now i'm doing a pretty laid-back method, we just try the potty a few times a day and make it really fun. no luck. she seems afraid/unable to just "let it go". i ask her about it and she just says "nothing comes out". shes frustrated and i feel bad for her. shes in preschool and almost all her classmates use the potty, but this doesnt seem to help. she can't go to day camp this summer at her school if she cant go pee on the potty. she knows this and is sad about it. what can i do?  i also have a  3 month old and am tired of changing diapers for two. 
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