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Did you KNOW before you tested?


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  • DjinnaGDjinnaG member
    I had my suspicions, but only from my temp pattern having a clear implantation dip nine DPO, and then going up, up, up.  I don't really get any kind of PMS, and didn't have any symptoms, but with the lack of spotting I normally get a couple days ahead of AF, and the temp pattern, I thought it'd be a good idea to test more aggressively than normal.
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  • I felt very pms-y last Thursday. When nothing happened by Sunday, I knew. POAS that night and bfp confirmed. This is my third.
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  • Yes, I knew. My usual PMS symptoms are water rentention (my wedding rings get tight), bloating, super sore boobs and bad menstrual migraines about 3-4 days before my period. I also usually get exhausted. I felt fine. I started cramping like a day or two before my period and thought "this is it" and then it just kind of came off and on and nothing happened. I had a really good hunch after that I was pregnant. It just felt different.
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  • It was kind of crazy. It had taken a really long time.  I had a loss in the Fall.   I was temping and using OPKs. I did not O for a few months, had a yeast infection. It honestly felt like nature was against me! This month, we were even scheduled to meet with my OB to do blood tests to test hormone levels, rule out underlying conditions, and follicles, etc.  It was almost to the one year mark.  I had the script to get the blood work on CD 3.  This was the first cycle in along time I confirmed O and had a positive OPK. BUT I ended up sick and thought we missed my fertile window. So I was thinking we were out.  Everyone that knew were TTC said we would end up pg this cycle, but I didn't believe it.  I have taken a test everyday for the last week to make sure, and this is including the blood tests to make sure HCG is doubling.  Other than my sore boobs, mood swings and being tired, I don't really feel pregnant. I am sure once the MS starts I will believe it. Haha! 
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    Im pregnant with my first and i knew I was before I took a test. I had thought I was for about a week before my missed period because I could see my vain going from one breast to the other and I would get out of breath by walking up a flight of stairs. I took a test the day before my period was supposed to start and it was positive (: <3
  • I was actually surprised to see my BFP. My husband and I had been trying for 5 months already, and I swear I felt more pregnant every other month. This time, the "lack of" symptoms made me decide to test. About a day after I tested, I began feeling some breast pain and cramps...other than that, I still feel good!
    Congrats to you all :)
  • It was the timing... I knew it was to early for implantation - which were more of minor cramps that you can barely feel. The cramps happened about 5 days after I had the initial feeling of something different going on inside me. It was the slightest feeling...like have you ever closed your eyes and had someone brush the hairs on your arm, but not touch your arm. It is just the slight feeling of movement...at a snails pace barely moving. It was something I have never felt before inside me... Just a different feeling.

    You do not have touch receptors in your Fallopian tubes. It's impossible to feel that. Physiologically not possible. You have touch receptors all over your skin and that's why you feel when someone brushes against your arm hair.
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