First C- Section- Questions to Ask Beforehand?

Hi Mommas!

I'm a STM, going in for a scheduled C- Section on June 22nd due to my son's complications w/ a vaginal delivery in 2012.

I'm a little nervous, because it'll be a totally different birth experience and I don't even know how to prep myself. What are some questions that you suggest I ask my OB prior to the section?

Do you have any tips for me?



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Re: First C- Section- Questions to Ask Beforehand?

  • What are the risks- for you and the baby?
    Who can be in the operating room?
    Recovery time? What can I expect in terms of recovery and side effects while I'm in the hospital? Once I get home?
    How do I prep for surgery? When do I arrive at the hospital? When do I stop eating prior to surgery?
    Will I be able to have skin to skin contact immediately?
    Can the baby join me in recovery?
    What kind of anesthesia will be used?
    Where will the incision be located? How will it be closed?

    Good luck!
  • I had a c section in 2012 I'm going to get another one in September I tell you it is a lot to bear with I was in pain most of the time but it depends on you pain tolerance. Each state is different I had my c section done in Georgia so they gave me epidural and another anesthia so I felt numb but you can feel the dr touch you but you can't feel the pain. You can ask the dr to put your baby beside your face when they take your baby out of you just for a min or two. In Georgia the dr closed my incision with glue it's so weird but I just moved to Florida and the drs do staples so it's my first time I'm nervous but once you get home you will be fine just get plenty of rest an eat light. Congrats on your second blessing.
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  • I had a csection on March 31. It was planned bc baby was breech and it went great. Try not to worry even though I'm sure that'll be tough. I'd ask how they're planning to close you up. I had dissolvable stitches and healed really well. Ask if you're getting a spinal or epidural. Ask when you can hold the baby or breastfeed. I was able to hold her right away with help but wanted to wait to try to feed her. Some things I didn't know...the morphine made me sick. I was throwing up every 15 minutes for hours. You'll most likely be numb around the incision. Apparently that can last for a very long time. I also got a really stiff neck from the anesetia. That is also common which I didn't know. My cousin got me this Yogi women's health tea and to brew it in warm ginger ale. It helped her and it helped me. Take a gas-x with every meal and I took a Colace at bedtime. I didn't take the prescription drugs but took a lot of Motrin. Honestly, my neck hurt more than my incision. Drink tons of water and make sure you're moving around. You'll do great!!
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