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My son turned 6 months today. He is started to be very clingy to mommy. He will normally only go to me and the babysitter and Daddy most of the time. Is this just a phase? I love that he wants me all the time, but I feel bad when someone wants to hold him and then he cries. How can I get him to be more social?

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    From my experience, this is just a phase. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they are slowly becoming more and more independent and learning new skills every day. So naturally, they want to cling to the familiar to offer some comfort. Both of my girls went through this an eventually grew out of it. I found that if I didn't allow anyone to just pick them up, but instead held them while we sat/stood next to the person, they warmed up much more quickly.
    Hope at least a little of this helped.
  • This is typical of the age. They start to recognize people. If it's someone they don't see often they may get afraid and not go to them. Usually after about an hour or do they may warm up enough for the person to hold them. If they seem offended mention it's just the babies age, and eventually he will come around :)
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  • totally normal. give it a while and bask in it while you can.
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  • Yes it's normal. I have twins. My daughter does it after being held for a few minutes, my son is usually skeptical for about 20 minutes, then let's anyone hold him. I think it's that they are recognizing faces and who is/isn't familiar is starting to register. I make a habit of making sure we "say hi" to anyone walking in the door and then hold them while I talk to the person and introduce them.
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