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Seems like he'll never be walking..

Maybe that's a good thing??
Our little furniture walker has no interest in walking-- even with all the wonderful push walker toys he has. Never walks with them. I try and encourage/help him but wants nothing to do with it. I guess some can take a few steps at 10 months/some are later--maybe next month he'll surprise us out of the blue.

Re: Seems like he'll never be walking..

  • Mine has no interest either! They will all walk eventually as long as there is no physical disability!
  • Yep.. soon enough! Also no older sibling to look up to or follow. Seems like many mama's with baby #2 always crawl and walk early on due to the older brother or sister, they want to chase them around maybe!
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  • I keep thinking LO will take a step any day--he cruises around furniture, stands in the middle of the room, and will very occasionally push things. But as soon as I think he might take that first step, nope! He drops to his knees! Mostly I want him to do it so we can have more fun outside. But all in due time, I suppose.
  • #1 started walking at 13 mos, #2 at 9 mos, and #3 at 11 mos. Crawling was at 9, 5, and 7 mos. Each baby is different.
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  • I know what you mean! DD has been almost walking for over 3 months now! She just doesn't want to "take the plunge"

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  • DS didn't start walking until 15 months. DD will be 13 months on May 1 and is no where near walking. She only just starting pulling up to a standing position in the past week and a half and started real hand and knee crawling about 6 weeks ago. 
  • DD1 was walking by 11 mos. DD2 showed no interest in push toys until right around her birthday, and would go limp-baby if I ever tried to have her walk holding my fingers. Last week (3w later) push toys were her FAVORITE thing. And on Friday she started stringing together 8+ steps. It kinda came out of nowhere.
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  • LO is not pulling to stand, cruising, walking, any of that. He mastered crawling just before he turned one, so I'm not concerned! I'm wondering if being at daycare with the other walkers will encourage him.

    Although it would be nice if he walked, dude is heavy!
  • Our LO has been pushing toys around for the past month and has only recently taken 2 steps or so alone. Don't worry about it! I hear that a lot of babies start walking overnight. Your LO may surprise you any day now.
  • Same boat.  LO is pulling up, cruising, yadda yadda.  But walking yet?  Nope.  One of the little 9 month olds in his class just started walking yesterday.  Sigh... lol I did tell daycare that if he even gets close to walking, not to tell us.  We want it to be an at home surprise :)
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