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Early labor

I think my mucus plug just dislodged.... I'm terrified ftm

Re: Early labor

  • Unless you're having contractions or leaking fluid I wouldn't worry too much. Mucous plugs regenerate. Most ppl don't even notice they've lost it. If you're concerned I would call your doc just to let them know and see if they want you to be seen.
  • With my first, I noticed it about 3 weeks before I actually delivered. But definitely talk to your OB if you're concerned.
  • With my first I went into labor 2 weeks after this one I lost at 30 weeks and here I am 34+2 weeks still wobbling around. No need to worry unless you have contactions or constant fluid.
  • Not early labor. I agree with PPers. Cramping / tightening/ leaking .. Those are signs of early labor. Mucas plugs come and go as they want. Lol
  • Not too concerning, unless you start contracting or your water breaks...mention it at your next appt and keep us posted if anything changes :)
  • Don't panic! A few weeks ago the doctor assured me that it regenerates and really doesn't tell us much.

    I think when you're arriving closer to your labour (hours, days or weeks.. Its different for everyone), you will notice it might occur with larger quantities and have a pink or red colour to it. But call and leave your doctor a massage if you're concerned!
  • In my experience, I lost my mucous plug when I actually started to dialate and was in early labor. I was contracting regularly though. That was for my last 3 pregnancies. Everyone is different, so you should call your OB and just see what he/she says :)

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