TTC after 35

Test results all in.

Nurse who called me said everything looked good and to just follow up in three months so doctor can look at my cycle chart.
I asked her to send a copy if my blood work so I can look at it because I have low platelets.
Well when I looked over the numbers I saw my fsh was 11 on cd4. That seems a little high to me. I'm not sure if it's because my cycles used to be around 21 days and cd4 is the end of my follicular phase.
Thought I would get everyone's insight. I won't be discussing this until my follow up with doctor so I have three months to over analyze.

Oh and my alkaline phosphatase is low which could indicate malnutrition. I'm 165lb vegetarian, I'm pretty sure I eat a balanced diet. I will have to do some research on that one.

Mammo was all clear. Woot woot

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Re: Test results all in.

  • Congrats on the mammogram being clear! I don't have any advice on the other stuff but at least the nurse seemed to think it looked good. I totally understand what you mean about over analyzing ha ha ha, I am doomed to the same tendency ;)
  • I wish I was of some help. All those numbers were confusing to me too. Yeah for a clear mammo!
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  • glad they feel the results look good! Ideally you want fsh under 10, but that is on day 2-3. So not sure what to make of day 4 -- seems reasonable it would start to get higher, but not sure how much you can read into it. Since you have a few more cycles before your follow-up you could always ask to get a day 2-3 test so you have a better idea and don't have to wonder? 

    i have never heard of an alkaline phosphatase test. I am intrigued and will have to look it up!
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  • I'm glad they feel everything looks good @hooligans4! Not sure on the FSH, but what @dolphin012 said makes sense. :)
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  • Glad you got your results and everything looks good! 
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