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Baby's and bikinis.

what is everybody's take? Me and DH have decided not to let LO wear them until she gets older.. I think one pieces are way. Cuter on babies/toddlers and it's less skin exposed to the sun but our main reasoning is because we want to teach her modesty at a young age.. Our family's don't agree with our decision. My MIL actually said "what she does with me is none of your business." I'm so infuriated.

Re: Baby's and bikinis.

  • I think up until being potty trained, if my LO is a girl she'll be in a two-piece for the ease of changing. After that it'll probably be a one piece until she's old enough to want a two piece with an appropriate cut.
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  • I'm not at all a fan of bikinis on babies, toddlers, and little girls.  Bikinis are intended to be sexy, and there is just no need to be sexualizing girls at those ages.  If you're concerned about diaper changing, there are lots of cute tankini options that don't expose any more skin than a one piece.  My step-daughter is 8, and we're probably going to hold off on bikinis until middle school or high school.  You have every right to be upset with your MIL for her attitude!  That is totally undermining your parenting decisions.
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  • I agree and I only have a step daughter who is 8 she wears lots of one pieces and she has a few tankini she wears these mostly when we go to Disney as we normally go to the big parks first before the water parks and it's easier to use the restroom with clothes on top of her bathing suit. She has some really cute ones that have skirt bottoms and tanks for the top I agree with keeping them covered up as much as possible.
  • @mommaduck2 your mil is over stepping her boundaries IMO! What your daughter does with anybody, even grandma, is YOUR business until she is an adult. You are her mother. If I were in your position I would tell mil that if she can't respect your patenting decisions then maybe she shouldn't be allowed the privilege of helping care for your daughter when you aren't around. If she is willing to ignore your decision on something like a bathing suit that is age appropriate for your daughter, what other of your decisions does she disregard?
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    My friend and I had a discussion on this a long time ago that we thought was interesting. Neither of us ever felt comfortable in bikinis, and we always wore one-pieces as kids. We felt like bikinis were reserved for thin bodies and we never felt like we were thin "enough" for them, even though in reality we were both at healthy weights. 

    So call it a stretch or whatever, but I lean toward thinking it would've been helpful to establish from a young age that our bodies were normal and just as good as anyone else's and they are nothing to be ashamed of. I'm more interested in preserving that than "modesty", whatever that is. I mean, yeah a wicked weasel microbikini would be inappropriate, but that's not what little kid swimsuits look like. If someone considers those to be "sexy" when on a little kid, then they are the ones with a problem- a really big one. 

    But. Your kid, your clothing choices, MIL can stfu. 
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  • I don't like little girls in bikinis or other adult like clothes that are designed to look "sexy" either. I feel like children are being sexualized at too young an age both by clothing designers and tv programs.

    Luckily we're having a son but should we ever have a daughter modesty will be key.
  • Bikinis for babies and little girls are always a huge pet peeve of mine. It's just inappropriate in my opinion. A bikini top is a bra meant to cover boobs, which little kids don't have yet! So it's ridiculous anyway. Also they'll grow up way faster than you want them to as it is, no need to push for adult things so early. It's only for your amusement and thinking its "cute" anyway. A baby doesn't care what it's wearing.
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    I don't have a moral problem with them but I just think they look a little strange on a kids body. Not to mention the extra skin getting exposed to the sun (plus more work for me to apply sunscreen). DD has one pieces and two pieces with a bikini bottom and rash guard. I still put some sunscreen on her belly in that case but I like the rash guards better when she's in the sun for long periods of time since it covers her shoulders and chest, plus it's easier for diaper changes.

    I find it really rude of MIL to disrespect your feelings about what your child wears. If she disagrees she should still honor your wishes.

  • My little cousins ages 3 and 5 wear cute matching 2 piece swimsuites and I think it's adorable! They are not skimpy or low cut by any means. I HAVE however seen some that were a bit to adult looking while visiting Daytona beach last week. My vote is for tasteful cute 2 pieces or 1 pieces but a no for the skimpy little tops. I also saw some pretty rough looking swimsuites on adults too that should not have been wearing them. It's all preference I suppose
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