Parenting after 35

Those zombie days...

On those days when your sleep deprivation has gone way too far, caffeine just isn't doing anything, and you barely feel human:

What are your zombie traits? Favorite zombie activities? Coping strategies?

How do your kids react?

Re: Those zombie days...

  • Traits: SLOW.. It might take me a minute too long to respond, that is after pretending I didn't miss the middle half of the conversation. Creative vocabulary also makes an appearance because I can't remember how to talk. And if things are particularly bad, I'm quite clumsy.

    Activities: TV marathons of shows I would normally find too dumb to watch. And to avoid: driving.

    Coping strategies: carbs, lots of it

    Kids reaction: DS is too small to think but not too small to get bored and super cranky
  • Traits: Forgetting things. Leaving my phone and/or wallet at home. Forgetting to pack a drink or snack (did it today) for school. Not signing the kids folder for school. Forgetting about show & tell Friday (it's like they set me up to fail) forgetting my kid needs to wear a coat.

    Coping: Naps! I used to nap in my car at lunch and set an alarm on my phone to wake up. Now I do that at home too. Nap whenever I can. Plus get a faster routine of bare minimum getting ready to maximize sleep time. (Mouthwash instead if brushing teeth, shower at night. Have clothes laid out. Brush on makeup, clip up hair)
    -Also chocolate is my caffeine and the sugar high helps briefly.
    -Being busy gives me adrenaline and wakes me up. I have to give myself a mission and tight deadlines.

    Kids reaction: "you are so silly" DS gets upset and mad when I forget his stuff though and lectures me when I pick him up.
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  • Traits: i become a real biotchy biotch... Ashamed to admit it but it is what it is.... I snap an MH, i'm short with the kids and curse everything in my mond

    Coping: just trying to get through it... Nothing helps....

    Kids' reaction: nervous laughs... Silly behavior...

    So glad the worst is over now!!! :)
  • Traits: Super slow to do everything, cranky, patience level low

    Coping: watching TV and eating, ha ha ha, not the best  but oh well. Also going for walks helps, getting outside, going to the park and letting DD run around.

    Kids' reaction: still too young to notice much but probably senses I'm not as interactive with her as normal and gets more clingy.
  • Traits: slow and forgetful. Clumsy. Very emotional if it's the wrong time in my cycle and I'm already hormonal.

    Coping: curling up under a blanket and just letting my daughter play.

    Reaction: she does notice if I'm not active with her and she will keep trying to get me to play. I do the best I can. Luckily she absolutely loves books so reading is something we can always do together that doesn't require a lot of energy.
    Me:41, DH:41 Positive for MTHFR mutations- one copy C677T, one copy A1298C. One daughter born on Thanksgiving in 2013. Six losses.
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    Traits: Holy Lord you would think I was a stroke victim trying to put a sentence together.  I can't speak correctly, can't remember doodles and just look like death warmed over with a glazed, yet bloodshot look in my eyes.

    Coping: If it is the weekend I live for naptime and take a nap right after I put the kids down. If it is the work week I fake it till I make it to the end of the day and warn people I am running on empty.  
    Reaction: They both are too young to get it yet but my 3 yr old loves to test the limits and it never fails that the day I am at my lowest point of patience is the day she chooses to play "lets get a reaction."  It is those days when I just have to dig deep because I don't want to be that parent yelling so the whole neighborhood hears you.  (we have one of those across the street that we all on the block have nicknamed "the screamers")  Also, my little cherub gets off on a big reaction so teeing off on her only reinforces her nuttyness.  

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