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almost 9 weeks pregnant and no insurance

So I applied for Medicaid 2 weeks ago and I have been calling and calling. Well I called today and learned that me and my BOYFRIEND make to much money and possibly won't be getting Medicaid. I'm not sure how my boyfriends income has anything to do with me being pregnant and needing insurance. He isn't applying and we aren't married. I'm so mad and scared. I haven't even had a first appointment to make sure everything is ok. Please some one give me some other options!!!!! Is there a plan threw the hospital I ,an do??? I am in Columbia if that helps


  • I'm in Columbia too and your boyfriend income usually doesn't have anything to do with it. I would apply agAin. They didn't ask for my boyfriend income. Good luck.
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  • It goes by income of who lives with you. I'd reapply and just not put him on there.
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  • I got this figured out awhile ago just can't figure out how to take it down lol sorry Ladies
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