Pregnant after a Loss

How long did it take for your next period and got pregnant again after mc ?

hi everyone, had an mc and now waiting for my period.
I know everybody is different but just out of curiosity..
How long did it take you guys ?
And how long did it take to get pregnant again ?

Re: How long did it take for your next period and got pregnant again after mc ?

  • Sorry for your loss! Hugs!! It was a solid three months before I got my first period and we got pregnant three months later. I think I was successful because I started temping directly after the first cycle (Jul) and added all the temps into fertility friend app. By Sept I felt like I had a great grasp on exactly when I was ovulating and we got pregnant in October. Good Luck!!
        BFP: 2/24/14 | EDD: 10/22/14 (triplets) 
    US (with RE) 3/24/2014 (two healthy HB), US (with OB) 3/31/2014 (three healthy heartbeats)

    US (with RE) 4/7/14 No Heartbeats :(  | D&C 4/8/14
    BFP#2: 10/22/14 | (beta  #1 75, beta # 2 219) | EDD 7/3/15 ~*Please be our RAINBOW*~
    DX: MTHFR hetero C677T

  • My period came after about 35 days.  I got pregnant right away.  Currently I am almost 6 weeks.  I had my miscarriage at 7 weeks in February.  Hoping for a sticky baby
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  • My period arrived right on my regular schedule after a mc at 12 weeks ( in December). We waited 3 cycles to actively start trying again when I was sure I was physically and mentally ready. Every period can be such a heartbreak and fill you with worry that it may never happen again. I just got my BFP this morning after trying for 2 cycles. Please do not gauge anything off of anyone else though. You can really cause yourself so much more anguish. Please give yourself ( and your body) a chance to find your own balance. I'm so very sorry that you're going through this. It's already so terrible having experienced this kind of loss and waiting for your body to adjust seems like adding insult to injury. It would help to consult your OB as to any concerns as well as when he/she deems it appropriate to try again. Good luck and take care.
  • allsleeallslee member
    It took a month for my regular cycles to return and it took six months of trying to get pregnant again. Thankfully got our positive yesterday :)
  • My period returned at its normal cycle. So about 3-4 weeks after my loss and it took 5 months to conceive. Best of luck :)
  • It took me the exact six weeks they told me it would, then we waited the recommended three months. I got pregnant on my second cycle and, cheesily enough, I credit a silly little ovulation app I downloaded on my phone.
  • hi everyone, had an mc and now waiting for my period.
    I know everybody is different but just out of curiosity..
    How long did it take you guys ?
    And how long did it take to get pregnant again ?

    I miscarried March 13th without a D&C and the bleeding ended on April 20th. I started feeling weird last week, no nausea just off. Went to my OBGYN to see if everything went well with the miscarriage, and ended up being 6w2d pregnant. I still haven't had a period since 2/6/15. We weren't trying, just happened.
  • So sorry for your loss! I had my first period exactly 5 weeks after my D&C, and my cycle was 5 weeks long the next cycle. I miscarried in Feb and am now 6 weeks pregnant. I've read a lot of articles that say that waiting for your period isn't really necessary to start trying again. We started trying again right away and the only reason why we didn't get pregnant sooner is bc my cycle was off so I wasn't timing it right- once I started using the ovulation sticks it happened right away :)
  • Took us 4 months. I have the same issues I had last time but this time I am on progesterone. Praying for stickiness! Good luck!
    DD born 6/14/13 MC Nov 2014 BFP on Mother's Day EDD 1/6/16
  • I fell the cycle of my miscarriage with no period in between.
    I lost bubs at 6w5days and I'm now 5w5days... Very nervous and stressing all the time but what will be will be. Good luck
  • vaguilloryvaguillory member
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    I miscarried on 4/30/14 at approx 6 weeks. We had been trying for 8 yrs prior to this pregnancy and tried IUI. My next period started 5 wks later, but we planned to wait a few cycles to resume clomid and attempt another IUI. I got pregnant again the following August while still on a break from intervention just gave birth to my rainbow baby on 5/19. He's our little miracle. :) I was very anxious during the pregnancy and still have some fears. I was glad to have support and some understanding around my experience of wanting to celebrate my pregnancy while also being afraid to celebrate. Sending luck and hope to all.
  • I miscarried feb 8th and got pregnant again 2 weeks later. Im 15 weeks pregnant with a healthy lil babe! I do struggle with anxiety and worry when im trying to go to sleep, but for the most part just grateful to be pregnant again
  • Kara03Kara03 member
    It took about 1 month for my period to return after my first miscarriage. My second miscarriage it took about two months for it to return and I got pregnant 1 month later.
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  • Took 40 days to get period again and 5 months to get pregnant again, I am 5 weeks now

    Me: 38 DH: 42.
    Married: 9/2008.
    4/2010 - BFP (Natural)
    12/2010 - DS born.
    10/2014 BFP
    10/2014 Confirmed MC at 5 weeks
    5/2015 BFP
    8/2015 MMC & D&C at 13 weeks  :'(
    11/2015 BFP then CP at 6 weeks.
    3/2016 Started IVF+PGS
    4/2016 ER, only 5 eggs but 3 Frozen embryos made it to freeze. Only 1 PGS normal embryo.
    DH Sperm with Chromosomal Issues (high % FISH)
    AMH .65
    8/2016 FET #1 BFN
    9/2016 IVF-ER #2  1 normal embryo.
    11/2016 IVF-ER #3  0 Embryos
    2/2017 FET #2 BFP CP at 6 weeks.
    5/2017  BFP Natural. 3 Betas were ok. First US 5-31-2017. Hope it sticks and is healthy!!

  • Hi everyone !
    Sorry i didnt answer anymore.
    I had to delete the bump app to get over the mc..
    I waited one cycle.. And now boom, im pregnant again :):)
    I thought i was 5 days late but my hcg level came back very low.
    The doctor said : or you are gonna have an mc ( good emotional start for a new pregnancy ! ) or you had a late ovulation and you are not that far pregnant as you think.
    He litteraly said , you are gonna have to wait for your bleeding ( excuse me?? )
    5 days later my hcg went up ( from 24 to 149 ) not a high number but hoping for the best !
    Now we are almost two weeks later and im getting more positive !
    Monday i have my us and getting really nervous !

    Hope everyone has there rainbow baby soon !!!

    Hugs Mila x
  • My baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, I miscarried 2 weeks later, I got my period 3 weeks later & conceived 2 1/2 months later & am now 14 weeks pregnant.
  • jm2168jm2168 member
    So sorry for your loss. I also just went through it. I had a d&c on May 1st. I got my first period exactly 1 month later on June 1st. The waiting can be tough..but hang in there!
  • I found out my pregnancy was no longer viable in my 11th week back in February and had a d&c at exactly 12 weeks. It took exactly 60 days to get my first period and it lasted Actually more like 3+weeks. Now, I'm getting symptoms of pregnancy--fatigue, cramping, headaches--minus the positive test. My hcg levels probably just aren't high enough yet to show up in the home tests, according to my dr. I'm estimating I'm at 5 weeks today based on LMP. Hoping for sticky babies for everybody!
  • I had my d&c at 13weeks pregnant with my bby girl on may 19th i got my first period on june 21st and now we are not preventing but not trying either hopefully soon
  • I'm sorry for your loss :( I had a mc back in Oct . 2014 oddly my cycle started on time. It took us a total of 4 months to become pregnant I experienced spotting for the first two months I am now 20 weeks pregnant and expecting a little boy Nov.16
    good luck HUGS!! :)
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