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water for powder formula

I am about to start gerber good start supplementing for my LO who is 8 weeks old. I have been looking for ready to use but cant seems to find one. I have the powder form right now, what kind of water should i use to mix with the formula?

Re: water for powder formula

  • I used boiled cooled tap water. But i know that many people use straight tap water. Whatever you do, don't waste your money on 'nursery water' from the grocery store...
  • I started using boiled cooled tap water but quickly gave up always trying to have that on hand. When baby is starving, straight tap water it is. I will say though that i feel like our tap water tastes quite clean. If there was a hint of anything in the taste, I would likely have tried harder to keep up with the boiling.
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  • We used regular tap water. We did on occasion use the "nursery" water. For some reason my mother in law kept buying it for us. It's not expensive at all. It's less than a $1 but not something I added to my grocery list. 
  • We used the nursery water but only because I very much dislike th taste of the water where we live. Didn't want the little one to drink it if I wouldn't myself
  • We use regular tap water. Our pediatrician said as long as you don't have lead pipes tap water is perfectly fine to use.
  • We have hard water, and although I occasionally use tap water for cooking and other things as well, I'm a little weary of using it for the main source for my LO. My pedi told us if you have good water, it's fine to use tap. As PP said, if I don't drink it myself I don't really want to give it to LO. I think it really depends on how much you trust/like the water in your area. I'd use tap if I didn't have hard water, etc. I usually use Gerber water or bottled water.
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